Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Thinking about building as a child.

When I was a little girl, I would watch my mom make changes to house plans, she loved doing this. She would change the width of entry ways into certain rooms, expand rooms, move closets, add rooms. I would ask about the changes and she would tell me, they were all practical changes that made perfect sense. I soon started doing the same. Back then we would buy plan books and pencil in all of our changes. I guess this was my first experience with housing and house plans that would one day lead to me being a home builder.

There was also this house near our home that I would walk over to and then walk through. The house had been built to the studs but nothing further. I loved walked through this house and moving walls and putting up sheet rock in my head, and imagining what the rooms would be like when I had finished.

Also, there was this house being built, a mansion in those days. I didn't get to go in that house, but I would look at it and dream about living in the house and having a room all to myself, and being able to decorate my space in anyway I wanted to with no financial restraints. It was a beautiful home to dream about.

Then many years later after I was married my husband & I would go into another house that never got beyond the stud stage. This was a large house, and there was plenty of dreaming going on in this house in my mind.

When we were financially able, the dream of building homes stirred in me once again. So I went and studied for the home builder test and received my license. I knew about all the details going into a home, but what I didn't know was how to deal with developers and builders, and I needed to learn that, and learn I did. I loved building houses. When I was doing exactly what I was suppose to be doing I was elated, the adrenalin was pumping and life was excellent.

I am including some picture of homes before and after sheet rock.

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