Thursday, April 25, 2013

Swimming pools make me more peaceful.

I absolutely love pools. I just love being around them. I grew up on the Chesapeake Bay, but I moved away, and I guess I have been craving the water ever since. When I am around a pool it actually makes me more peaceful. I also love fountains, if I can't get a pool, then at least let me hear the movement of water. However, I do not have a pool of my own right now, so I gathered some pictures of some pools and I am finding that just looking at them makes me more peaceful. What brings you peace?

Gunite pool with an attached spa. It looks like brick paver's around the pool and spa. I also love the vines growing over the arbor. Looks like the perfect back yard.

This yard reminds me of Key West. I love how it is all enclosed, wrapped up in a lovely package. Plenty of overhangs to get into the shade. I could stay here all day.
This is one of my favorite! I just love the little room with the beds attached. Honestly I would change out the furniture and put a little sitting area with a patio table & chairs. I love all the greenery. I am ready to chill - big time!

The color & reflection in the pool make this backyard very peaceful. Loving the rocks along the one side and the paver's along the other side, with a touch of grass. 
Okay, this is absolutely beautiful and peaceful. What's not to love? It is perfection.


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