Monday, May 6, 2013

Finding Your Creativity

I went to The Cottonwood Festival in Richardson Texas this weekend and saw some amazing art. All different types of art, metal works, blown glass, gauche paintings, sculptures, wood carvings. It made me think about the artists and I wondered, WHY THIS ART? I wish I could of spoken with each one about why they created the form of art they did and if they also created other forms of art. I think we all have a creative side but sometimes we just aren't aware of what creative talent we have. Maybe we haven't been encouraged to ever find that creative spirit or we have one form of creativity and don't know how to awaken other forms. I think we just have to start trying a bunch of different forms until we find the one that speaks to us.

What forms of creativity are awake in you? Do you create only one type of art or many types? I believe there are so many types of art, I believe that a hairdresser is an artist and so is a carpenter. You may never see their work at an art show but you see it everyday in the people you watch go by with their wonderful hair styles and the houses you go into with all it's wonderful craftsmanship.


  1. Thanks so much for visiting my blog! We do love our simpler life. We went from a very large home in California to our little townhouse in Minneapolis. My goal is to make our little townhouse a cozy retreat in the bustle of the city, all on a very modest budget. I hope that you soon find your niche! Some the homes that you built were gorgeous!

  2. Oops! Typing error. It should have read, "The homes that you built were gorgeous!"

  3. I think I am not so good in sculpting things so I'll keep on painting. But I am very impressed by people with this gift. Perhaps I'll try it myself in the farer future. Thanks for the beautiful pictures.

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