Thursday, May 9, 2013

Painted or Stained Cabinetry

Just a few years back it was all the rage to have two different color cabinets within the kitchen. One painted, the other stained. It may still be all the rage. The first three kitchens are from homes I built that were in "The Parade of Homes." What do you think of the different cabinetry finishes?

The island and the hood were custom made. My trim carpenter made the hood above the stove, and we painted it. My husband made the island and the top on the island is a wood top with several layers of lacquer.
I think the stained hood looks striking against the cream cabinetry. I designed the hood and my trim carpenter custom made it and then we had it stained it.

These are KraftMaid cabinets, with the island in a stain finish and the cabinets painted.

Via The Enchanted Home. Personally I love this floor in this kitchen, which is actually giving the kitchen three different finishes.

Via Willow Décor
Via Looking For Rainbows in the Moonlight
Via Accidentally Out of Love. Loving this blue!
Via Made By Girl
What do you think of the two different finishes? Hate it? Love it?


  1. I like it, I think the island is especially nice when it is painted something different. Definitely accents it the best. Hugs, Marty

  2. I prefer a combo of finishes on cabinets, because it looks custom.

    1. I agree. I think that is why using two finishes is so popular.

  3. The kitchen is looking amazing. I like everything in it including the color concept and everything else.The design is simple and very elegant. The way of putting cutlery and other different things is very nice and creative. The kitchen is very nicely decorated and very properly managed. It is very important for a kitchen to be properly managed as most of the time kitchen is used.


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