Thursday, May 2, 2013

What is your decorating style?

Even if we don't intentionally mean to, most of us lean toward a certain decorating style, so what's yours?
Is it French Country?

Fresh Personality
Shabby Chic?

Mid Century Modern?

Or Old World?


  1. My decorating style is Coastal/Eclectic/Chinoiserie/Californian Is that a style :)

    1. Why yes it is. I am eclectic also, and it works for me. I think most people decorate in a blend of styles.

  2. I describe my style on my blog, but I guess what my style comes down to is where life has taken me and what I love.

    I love your large, traditional homes. They are gorgeous. There was a time when I could have one.

    Do you think the trend now is toward sustainable and mid-century looking revivals? Concrete floors, beams, windows, solar, and a little smaller... I noticed, at least around here, that people are taking the mid-century moderns and gutting the inside walls and fixing them to look like a reinterpreted mid-century i.e. a bit lighter in color, with texture, but it still suits that genre. I think they are part of the high end market, but a different customer.

  3. Thank you.

    There is definitely an interest in sustainable living, however there are plenty of people who don't concern themselves much with that. But I definitely think people are more conscious concerning energy efficient materials when they are building or renovating a home.

    Prior to 4 years ago I never heard anything about mid-century modern, now it is everywhere and it is huge. So many houses were built in that era that are now available in so many urban areas that they are very attractive to renovate at a reasonable cost. I have become fond of mid-century modern, although it isn't my style.

    1. It's not my style either, nor is sustainable living necessarily a concern for me as many new products are sustainable by de facto. But I think there might be a trend in that direction, and some of the folks in pursuit of that image have disposable income; though I have no idea what the market would be. There is also a sentiment of rejection in regards to a a country club home in some well-healed niches; though I myself don't begrudge someone a beautiful, traditional home in a gated community.

      Likewise... I like MC in that I would like to remodel one, but I would not to live in one unless it was out in the middle of nowhere like the high desert. My vision is sort of counterpoint. MC is sort of a city look, but I think simplicity works well in the boondocks.

      Thank you for chatting with me.

    2. Diversity of style and taste, it is a wonderful thing.

      A few years back I might have said, I would never...... But now, I try and consider different things. I am far outside of my comfort zone and sometimes that feels really bad, but other times it allows me to open myself to ideas that I would not have been willing or even have thought to of entertained before. We are creatures of our environments and we can get very comfortable with our surroundings. Moving far away & into a very different environment where nothing seems similar has awaken me to a new set of ideas and for that I guess I can be grateful, just not sure what to do with all these new thoughts.

      I guess this is what I love about different architectural & decorating styles it really does reflect a persons personality and how they live their lives. For instance is their sofa stiff with a firm back with no pillows, no drapes, their side tables holding only a single lamp? What might I conclude by looking at their space? On the other hand if they have a lot of antiques and items that seems from some foreign travels, then what conclusions might I make after seeing that space? I love the diversity of styles within a home and on the exterior, they speak to me, and tell me plenty, maybe even things the owners are unaware that they are saying.

      Thanks for chatting with me too!!

  4. French country old world with color and warmth!. And I wish the blogging community would go back to it :)

    1. Mishelle, I love French Country, Old World with loads of color which I think does come across as very warm and inviting. I think if makes for a very comfortable space. Have you checked out cotedetexas they really concentrate on that style? Thanks, Patty

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