Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Olioboard and Joss and Main

I just found the website, Olioboard, the other day and have been having a lot of fun with it.  Today I was looking at Joss and Main and they are having an amazing sale of Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams, so of course I had to play for a bit. The board below contains furnishings available from Joss and Main.
 You can find all of the products here at Joss and Main.

The two lamps on the side tables are Buyers-Picks-Sophia-Table-Lamp-in-Grey
The two lamps on the media console are Boulevard-Studio-Canant-Table-Lamp

I am having a blast with Olioboard. You can see my other creations here on my olioboard page.
Also you can join olioboard and create your own spaces.

If you are already on Olioboard please let me know so that I can follow you.

Monday, July 29, 2013

HGTV Brother vs Brother Episode 2

Okay, I am just going to say it. I was disappointed with this episode of Brother vs Brother. After the first episode there was Team Drew with 5 contestants and Team Jonathan with 4 contestants. This week the teams were given the challenge of, "Weekend Warrior," with the statement made that a lot of homeowners only have a weekend to complete a renovation. This is just such a silly statement. While yes, homeowners doing their own projects probably need to go back to their 9-5 on Monday, guess what, there is another weekend to be had at the end of the next week. Also, most homeowners aren't going to be trying to tackle but so many projects at once.

They were given two very different homes with very different needs.

Team Jonathan with 4 people on his team tackled a sun room renovation with new cork flooring, new furniture and work out equipment. The sun rooms looks great and was very well decorated with defined spaces. Team Jonathan also created a larger master bedroom by removing a wall from an adjoining room and created and overly large master. The new wall in the bedroom was poorly constructed and needed to be redone. That newly constructed wall was suppose to have a fireplace installed but the fireplace that was chosen was deemed unfit and unbecoming and was not installed. The new bedroom looks much improved and well decorated.


Team Drew with 5 people on his team tacked a kitchen renovation by painting the cabinets, installing a glass mosaic tile and new countertops. They also tackled a master bathroom by adding a new double vanity, new tile flooring and new shower floor tile. They also redid two living spaces and an eating area. The one living space they chose a hideous avocado green paint color to paint the white brick at the fireplace and a dreary color to paint the walls. The other living room was given a fresh coat of paint and was poorly decorated. The eating area got a new horizontal wall paper of beige and green stripes which was poorly installed and needed to be redone.


So the point of this show is to increase the value of a home through renovation. What home appears to have the most renovation and which home do you think would have the most increase in value? Well....I think the second home renovation with the 5 people would have the most increased value with a renovated kitchen, renovated bath, new paint in two living space, new wallpaper in eating area and new furniture throughout these spaces. As opposed to Jonathan's team with their updated sun room and an overly large master space without a fireplace. Hey, but that is just my opinion and as they say we all have an opinion.

However, can you imagine if Jonathan's team had lost again then it would have been 5 team members against 3 team members - well now that wouldn't be much of a competition would it, as they would clearly be outnumbered and I guess we could go ahead and eliminate Team Jonathan, but then there wouldn't be a show. Do I think this was done on purpose? Yes, I do and what choice did they really have.

Next week the show will start with 4 against 4 BUT then they will eliminate one person from BOTH of the teams and the remaining contestants will have to complete the renovation. So at the end of the show we should have teams with 2 vs 3 contestants.

I am a bit confused about this show. I built homes for years and as a successful home builder I never once laid tile, painted walls, installed carpet, demolished existing walls, poured concrete, or framed a house. A home renovation expert needs to know about the existing price of a home and whether he can get that home for a low enough price that he can make the necessary changes that will bring about a profit when he goes to sell that home, and that the changes he has made are very marketable and that there will be a nice return on his investment. It is critical that he makes excellent choices and that he keeps his cost low and sells quickly. However, this show seems more about speed than quality workmanship. You can not sell a poorly constructed house and poor workmanship greatly decreases the value of a property.

Are you watching HGTV Brother vs Brother? What is your opinion?

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

HGTV Brother vs Brother Episode 1

So did you watch HGTV Brother vs Brother this past week? Drew and Jonathan Scott, the twins from the Property Brothers have a new show, they are mentoring two teams who are competing for a prize of $50,000. The goal is to renovate a house and increase its value. Each week the losing team will have to let a team member go.

This past week Drew's team won by adding $50,000. dollars worth of value compared to Jonathan's team that only added $40,000. dollars of value.

Let's take a look at Jonathan's team work first. They spent $12,163. dollars on their renovation. The kitchen needed a complete redo and it looks fabulous. All new cabinets, new 5 burner stainless steel stove top and oven, new ceiling lights, mosaic tile backsplash, an unknown countertop material that looks great, new floor tile, and some unbecoming paint color.

Jonathan's team - Before Kitchen
Jonathan's team - After Kitchen
Jonathan's backsplash $300.00 for mosaic glass tile 
The laundry area and pantry area was in desperate need of help. The team built a wall and created a walk-in pantry and relocated the laundry area to another area of the house.

Jonathan's Team - After Pantry and the Laundry Room was relocated
The Master Bedroom floor was coming up and so it was repaired, new bedding was added as well as a fresh coat of paint and some new furniture.

There is no before photograph of the bathroom which is unfortunate because other than the kitchen this was the most drastic change.
Jonathan's After - Bathroom

Now onto team Drew's work. Drew's team spent $11,489. dollars and was the winner of this challenge.

Here are two pictures of the renovated living room. A neutral paint color was added, new furniture and accessories as well as drapes.

The fireplace glass mosaic tiles were a major improvement that added value.
I think the most drastic change in Drew's house was the kitchen renovation.

All new cabinets, new lighting, countertops, stainless steel appliances, hardwood flooring, and a neutral paint color created a bright and welcoming kitchen. There doesn't seem to be any backsplash added to the kitchen.

Here is the renovated bathroom. The new flooring tile is stick down laminate tiles which didn't bring any value to the renovation.

The bathroom includes glass mosaic tiles around the tub which added the largest value to the bathroom.

Drew's team de-cluttered the master bedroom and added some new accessories.

So the point of this show is to ADD VALUE through specific renovation. However, what is questionable is whether the specific change brought about value and how much value it is estimated to have. For instance team Drew's team added stick down tile in the bathroom which was deemed to have no added value. The paint color in Jonathan's team's kitchen was deemed to be unbecoming to the majority of buyers therefore not improving the value.

Obviously the furniture and accessories are not included in the cost of renovation, nor is any value given to the cost of labor. So, we are just looking at the cost of materials, which could not have included the kitchen cabinetry, which they stated had already been ordered prior to the competition. But we are still comparing one renovation against the other.  Do you think proper credit was given to the specific changes that they installed?  Also the appraiser, "Mike Aubrey," commented on poor staging but they aren't selling these homes, so it didn't make any difference as to the value of the home, and what about the decorating of the spaces, why bother with this at all, except for the sake of prettiness. Did any of the participants do any decorating, or was someone outside of this show responsible for this task?

So have you renovated your home in hope of improving its value? What specific upgrades have you made that you feel are the most valuable? What did you think of this show? Will you be watching this show again?

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Kate and William's Royal Baby Boy

Congratulations to Kate and William on the birth of their royal baby boy! Thinking about this new Prince has me thinking all about the color royal blue.  
Via tumblr

Via Wedding Style Magazine
Via Elle Decor
Via Flickr va Domino magazine
Via Pinterest
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Via rdujour
Via Cush and Nooks
Via Pinterest
Via House Beautiful
Via Elle Decor
Via Markham Roberts
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Via Cote De Texas
Via The Kitchn Via Miles Reed
via House Beautiful
Via Decoist
Via Style by Emily Henderson
Do you decorate with royal blue?

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Monday, July 22, 2013

HGTV Star Winner!

Well last night was the final show of HGTV Star and Tiffany Brooks is the newest member of the HGTV Design Star Family, and I think it is well deserved. Although Jeribai and Brooks also had amazing hotel suites that they should be very proud of.

The vice president and general manager of the resort stated that her clients are, "looking for something luxurious that they don't have at home." Who do you think executed that statement?

Here are the final designs at the hotel suites of Rancho Las Palmas Resort.

Tiffany  Brooks

What I really liked.
I loved the seating area with the green ottoman with that large brass tray on the top with the domes filled with greenery, this seems to be one of her specialties. 
The draperies, they are so full and can easily cover all the window space.
A wall of pop art with the same frames around each one to pull them together.
That mid-century fireplace with the wood slats she had built is gorgeous and helped to balance out the expansive wall space. 
I love her use of color and the way she brings it all together. 

What I didn't like so much.
Although I like the appearance of a jute rug especially in a beach theme space I do not actually want to walk on one, ever. 
I can't say I care for stick down carpet tiles. I understood her using these in the sorority house but I please give me an actual rug.
The dining room table and chairs look a bit cheap.
I think the seating area needed two more chairs, as it looks incomplete.

 Brooks Atwood

What I really liked.
I loved the mix of color, materials and styles that somehow worked just beautifully.
The foyer was dramatic with curves moving in the damask wallpaper, in the chest and the mirror.
I especially liked the gold gilding on the of the trim work, and the deep colors on the walls.
I loved the round ball light over the sitting area.
The bedroom was was over the top amazing and elegant with a tufted velvet headboard, chaise lounge, chandeliers, the french desk, and the chest to the left of the bed, the drapes, the wall hangings and all of the accessories. Dare I say this room was luxurious. 
The bar area fit right in with a pop of bright orange mid-century modern bar stools and the accessories were perfect.

What I didn't like so much.
I think the low hung chandelier over the sitting area was way to low and everyone would be hitting their heads on it.
The wallpaper in the bedroom reminded me of a circus and was way to overwhelming for a bedroom space.
I would have like to have seen more shadow boxes, as I thought they were too far apart. 

Jeribai Tascoe

What I really liked.
The restful bedroom had an elegant large tufted headboard that was just the right size for this bedroom, I also liked the mirror side tables, and the purple wallpaper. The space was very soothing.
The large glass dining room table fit the space nicely and I liked the simple lighting over the table.
The pop of the orange sofa brought energy into the living room and I liked the white credenza with the tv on top.

What I didn't like so much. 
He choose a wallpaper for the foyer, and carpet for the bedroom, that is in any motel anywhere, it was very predictable and uninspiring.
There was a large amount of empty space in the main living area which left a large undecorated space and it was awkward.

So do you think the right designer was chosen? Tiffany is a very talented designer and will be able to connect very well with the HGTV audience. Jeribai is obviously talented and with a few more years of experience I think he will be a much improved and excellent designer.  I think that Brooks is amazing and has incredible talent, and I think we may have missed a wonderful opportunity to see his mind and his design ability at work. 

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