Monday, July 22, 2013

HGTV Star Winner!

Well last night was the final show of HGTV Star and Tiffany Brooks is the newest member of the HGTV Design Star Family, and I think it is well deserved. Although Jeribai and Brooks also had amazing hotel suites that they should be very proud of.

The vice president and general manager of the resort stated that her clients are, "looking for something luxurious that they don't have at home." Who do you think executed that statement?

Here are the final designs at the hotel suites of Rancho Las Palmas Resort.

Tiffany  Brooks

What I really liked.
I loved the seating area with the green ottoman with that large brass tray on the top with the domes filled with greenery, this seems to be one of her specialties. 
The draperies, they are so full and can easily cover all the window space.
A wall of pop art with the same frames around each one to pull them together.
That mid-century fireplace with the wood slats she had built is gorgeous and helped to balance out the expansive wall space. 
I love her use of color and the way she brings it all together. 

What I didn't like so much.
Although I like the appearance of a jute rug especially in a beach theme space I do not actually want to walk on one, ever. 
I can't say I care for stick down carpet tiles. I understood her using these in the sorority house but I please give me an actual rug.
The dining room table and chairs look a bit cheap.
I think the seating area needed two more chairs, as it looks incomplete.

 Brooks Atwood

What I really liked.
I loved the mix of color, materials and styles that somehow worked just beautifully.
The foyer was dramatic with curves moving in the damask wallpaper, in the chest and the mirror.
I especially liked the gold gilding on the of the trim work, and the deep colors on the walls.
I loved the round ball light over the sitting area.
The bedroom was was over the top amazing and elegant with a tufted velvet headboard, chaise lounge, chandeliers, the french desk, and the chest to the left of the bed, the drapes, the wall hangings and all of the accessories. Dare I say this room was luxurious. 
The bar area fit right in with a pop of bright orange mid-century modern bar stools and the accessories were perfect.

What I didn't like so much.
I think the low hung chandelier over the sitting area was way to low and everyone would be hitting their heads on it.
The wallpaper in the bedroom reminded me of a circus and was way to overwhelming for a bedroom space.
I would have like to have seen more shadow boxes, as I thought they were too far apart. 

Jeribai Tascoe

What I really liked.
The restful bedroom had an elegant large tufted headboard that was just the right size for this bedroom, I also liked the mirror side tables, and the purple wallpaper. The space was very soothing.
The large glass dining room table fit the space nicely and I liked the simple lighting over the table.
The pop of the orange sofa brought energy into the living room and I liked the white credenza with the tv on top.

What I didn't like so much. 
He choose a wallpaper for the foyer, and carpet for the bedroom, that is in any motel anywhere, it was very predictable and uninspiring.
There was a large amount of empty space in the main living area which left a large undecorated space and it was awkward.

So do you think the right designer was chosen? Tiffany is a very talented designer and will be able to connect very well with the HGTV audience. Jeribai is obviously talented and with a few more years of experience I think he will be a much improved and excellent designer.  I think that Brooks is amazing and has incredible talent, and I think we may have missed a wonderful opportunity to see his mind and his design ability at work. 

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  1. Though I don't watch the show, I read through each synopsis and came to a similar conclusion before reading your final assessment!!!

    Obviously, Brook is amazingly talented, but not the kind of design that connects with the HGTV audience. Definitely, he is sort of Vogue or Elle.

    They obviously picked the personality whose work would best connect with a larger audience.

    Great assessment!!!!

    1. Brooks is already amazingly successful, but I am curious about his future. I am looking forward to seeing who will want to capitalize on his abilities.

  2. I think that your summaries hit the nail on the head. I liked Tiffany a lot, but also would not have been upset if Jeribai won. For me, it was a toss-up between the two of them. I liked Brooks but did not figure that they would pick him since their last pick of the way-out designer {Anthony} did not seem to go so well. I don't even know if new episodes of his show are being made. Kim's show fizzled quite a while back. And what happened to Danielle? I haven't seen her since the first shows aired last year right after Design Star was over. I do still see Emily's show, so I guess she has not been cancelled. What I don't like is the way that HGTV keeps changing up the format from year to year. It seems to me that the first 2 or 3 years of the format was working, so why change it? When David, Kim, and Jen won in their respective seasons, the format was basically the same and people tuned in. And is it my imagination, or was this year's series shortened a lot? It seems like there were fewer episodes. And what is the point of changing the name? I like Design Star and it rolls better on the tongue than HGTV star. But then I am also still a great fan of Sparkle Josh! Oh well, they didn't ask me, I guess.

    1. I too think that the season was shorter than before, and I agree with you completely about some of the past winners not being HGTV's greatest choices for the HGTV audience. Maybe, just maybe HGTV should be trying to appeal to a wider audience, and maybe that is exactly what they have been attempting to do. Funny you bring up Anthony - I really liked what Anthony would create, but no, it was never my thing, and that is just fine with me. It is sort of like reading a novel, I don't have to like the characters in the book to find the story interesting, as matter of fact, I might just strongly dislike every character but find the story very compelling. The same with design, I might find the designs intriguing but not want any of them in my home. I can still enjoy the show, and maybe I might get introduced to something I really like and try it after all. I have no idea why they changed the name, except that they wanted to strongly remind people that it is HGTV. Oh, and I like Emily's design and her show. I wish there were more interior design shows!

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