Thursday, August 8, 2013

Foyers and Entries

The other night I was watching, "Beyond Spelling Manor," on HGTV, which is Candy Spelling designing her new home in California, and looking for and purchasing a condo in NYC. I have enjoyed both episodes so far. The condo I liked best was the one she purchased at One Beacon Court at 151 East 58th Street in NYC, it was 2,090 sq ft with 2 bedrooms and 2.5 baths.

Within the condo there was a large gallery entrance. A foyer, a large foyer. What I really liked about it was that it only gave a glimpse of the other interior living space, but it was large enough to show the owners art, a place to sit, a place to drop the mail when coming home. So many new homes skip the foyer entry altogether and while it might not be the most used space in the home, I think it is a critical space. I gathered some inspirational photographs of some foyers I am loving.

Via All Dressed In Argyle

Via Traditional Home
Via Pinterest
Via House Beautiful
Architectural Digest
Via Atlanta Homes via pinterest

The foyer is where we welcome guest, but it is also where we accept packages, and sometimes keep people at arms length - at least for a moment. How do you view your foyer, is it a reflection of the rest of your home?


  1. These are all wonderful. I don't have a foyer unfortunately, you just walk right into the living room. Hugs, marty

    1. Marty, I understand. So many homes are built without foyers, and sometimes we need that square footage for another bedroom or a second living space. What I found intriguing in this condo that Candy Spelling bought is that it is 2,090 sq ft with 2 bedrooms and 2.5 baths and yet the builder thought it was important to figure in a very large foyer in that apartment, and it was one of the rooms that was also important to the buyer. That foyer was large enough to have been a 3rd bedroom. It is all about what we need or want individually. You have a beautiful home and you have decorated it so well, and I know you enjoy your home immensely and that is what is important. Enjoy!!
      Thanks, Patty


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