Monday, August 5, 2013

HGTV Brother vs Brother Episode 3

Episode 3 of HGTV Brother vs Brother is being shown in two parts, with part one having eliminated one person from each team, leaving 3 against 3 for the remainder of the third challenge. Last night the challenges were fairly equal with each house needing a new kitchen, updating a living room and the only difference between the two houses was that one needed a renovation of the laundry room and the other needed a dining room update. We can't see the results from last night as they haven't completed anything just yet.

On Team Jonathan we watched as Inez took on her first real challenge instead of always just helping people, only to get cut from the team because Jonathan didn't feel he knew what her design style was and that although she was a good team player she just was showing up a little late for this challenge.

On Team Drew we saw Christy wanting stackables in the laundry room but not fighting for them and just accepting her fate.

And then there were none three - remaining team members on each team left to complete the challenge which will be shown next week.

Team Jonathan has Mark laying flooring for the rest of his life. Torche seems finished with her fireplace wood above the mantel and the base of the fireplace tile installed and the living room completely painted, so I guess she is free to help lay some flooring. Francis has finished painting his dining room and has just about completed his artwork - which I think looks amazing, so I guess he can lay some flooring also. The only other thing to do is install kitchen countertops, buy furniture and stage the rooms.

Team Drew said goodbye to Christy but Drew told Monica to find some money for the stackables. And they need to finish with the kitchen, and paint and stage their spaces. 

The winner of this show is to be awarded $50,000.00 and is to have been the best at increasing the value of property. Do you think a stackable washer/dryer unit increases the value of a property? Do you think art work in the dining room increases value? I think they are all looking a bit tired. Have you increased the value of your property - if so where did you spend your money? Who do you think will be the winner?


  1. I love that show and I watch the Property Brothers too...great shows!
    When we do "permanent" improvements to our home, we always consider re-sale value...

    1. Hey Shirley, I also like the Property Brothers show.

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