Tuesday, August 13, 2013

HGTV Brother vs Brother Episode 4

Episode 4 of Brother vs Brother was a continuation of episode 3. Remember in episode 3 that one person from each team was let go, so with Inez and Christy gone that left 3 team members against 3 team members to complete the challenge of renovating space within a house.

We have Team Jonathan with his team members, Francis, Mark and Torche. Wow! There was a lot of tension with this group, which started with Mark telling Francis that he didn't like all the different woods being used in the kitchen, especially the wood countertops. They didn't have enough money for countertops so Francis came up with the solution of butcher block countertops. While Mark was busy complaining about Franics' work, Torche took over the hardwood flooring installation and was quick and efficient, and I don't think the hardwood would have been completed without her. Here is the completed Kitchen. I absolutely love the recessed ceiling that was once a large fluorescent lighting eyesore. Mark created this by using the existing ceiling detail, but then added rope lighting and trim to hide the rope lighting itself and then installed this incredible light fixture. The judges were negative about the wood countertops and the stainless steel backsplash saying that there were too many wood tones and that the backsplash just didn't fit in at all.

The judges also did not like the wood above the fireplace that Torche had installed. Jonathan said she had to keep the original tile because it was historically significant and was something buyers wanted in this neighborhood. I think the wood is fairly taste specific and so I can see where it would not add any value to the home and might even lower the value because it would need to be removed.

The hardwoods were a huge part of this house and Mark spent the majority of his time installing them, however I don't think the hardwoods would have been finished if Torche hadn't jumped in and installed the remainder in lighting speed without a complaint. Torche also installed the tile in the front entry.

The other major project for this team was the Dining Room which Francis took possession of and also created the artwork in the room (within one hour). I really love the large piece of art, but I think hanging two such similar pieces is not a great choice. No one commented about the light fixture but doesn't it look to small for the space, although I like the design. The judges thought the room needed some more styling, especially on top of the table.

And then we have Team Drew with Monica, Brett and David. A lot of attention of the show concentrated on the laundry room space, but not so much attention was actually given to that space. Monica said she took on the responsibility for that room - and well let's just say that she is very lucky her team did not lose this challenge. David concentrated on the living room, and then went into the kitchen to help Brett. Brett took on the kitchen for this challenge and had a little trouble finishing the backsplash.

Overall the kitchen looks great. The judges would have like to of seen the floor tile continued into the eating area, but they loved the white cabinets, the white gloss subway tile on the backsplash with the row of mosaics and all the new appliances, as well as the floor tile. One of the big improvements in this space was the windows which had a glaze on them and you couldn't see out of them, so Brett replaced all the glass which also provided a lot more natural light within the room.
One negative comment was the workmanship of the tile at the far right of this picture, Brett didn't use edge detail tile and so it just ends with a rough finish, looking sloppy. Just in case you didn't know you can buy edge tile which has a finished side on it which give you a completed look as opposed to just a rough edge hanging out there.

I want to show you a before and after of the laundry room.
So I think we can all agree that there was a huge improvement in the laundry room. However, the judges pointed out some specific issues. There is no backsplash which is necessary and the formica countertop has a raw edge facing the sink, which will be destroyed in no time, because it will absorb the water splashed up from the sink. Another issue was the shelving which the judges stated looked cheap and screamed that there wasn't enough storage in the house. To me these shelves are just waiting to punch out someones eyes or at least gouge them in the face. I think a pantry type cabinetry, which would sit on the floor would have fit nicely where the shelves are currently and wouldn't involve any eye attacks.

Although this house had a similar fireplace stone to Team Drew's house that I would think would also be historically significant Drew didn't make any comment about it needing to be kept, so David put some paint on it. This living room is beautifully done. David was responsible for this room and he did an incredible job. He installed a new mantel which he custom made, new stone, created an arch on the opening of the fireplace, installed chair railing and shadow boxes on the walls, hung new sconces, painted the fireplace stone and the entire room. The styling of the room is excellent, although they did not comment on who made the design choice of the furniture and draperies.

The judges this week were Hilary Farr and David Visentin from Love It Or List It.
So the winner of this challenge was Team Drew with team members Monica, Brett and David.

The losers of this challenge was Team Jonathan with team members Francis, Mark and Torche. So who went home? Francis! I was a little surprised because Mark stirs stuff up and is a bit arrogant with his team members, however, Francis can be a bit overwhelming with his over the top personality. Francis is full of talent and will profit greatly from his time on this show, so not to worry, but he added a lot of humor to the show that I think will be greatly missed.

If Team Drew had lost I think we would have seen Monica leaving as she was responsible for the laundry room. She did say that she had never installed cabinets or a sink before, and you could tell that she was out of her element and a bit uncomfortable. She was also responsible for the budget and if you will remember she stated there wasn't any money for stackables, which they did find money for. At the end of the show they said her team had spent $23,317. which actually left them with $1,683.00 which she could of used for additional cabinetry in the laundry room. Also that money could have also been used to install a backsplash in the laundry room which is a necessity, OR to install tile in the eating area.

So next week it will be Team Jonathan with 2 members against Team Drew with 3 members. 2 against 3 really puts Jonathan is a negative situation from the get-go.

So what did you think of Episode 4? Do you think Francis was the right choice to be let go? Do you think the right team won this challenge?

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All the photographs in this post are from HGTV Brother vs Brother and you can go to their website right here.


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