Tuesday, August 20, 2013

HGTV Brother vs Brother Episode 5

In the second to the last episode of Brother vs Brother we had Team Drew with 3 team members vs Team Jonathan with 2 members and they both had very similar renovations of a bathroom, closet space and the master bedroom itself. Team Drew did have flooring in the master bedroom to install and 2 vanities in the bath vs 1 vanity on Team Jonathan's house.

Now I automatically thought 3 against 2 just wasn't fair, but that really was not a problem. Let me say that HGTV was in no way trying to hide an extra individual on Team Jonathan's house last night. Almost every shot of Mark included another man who was obviously helping him with the tile and with the toilet area.

On Team Drew we have Monica, David and Brett.  In the beginning they go off to the upscale tile store where Monica and Brett try to convince David about what tile he should install, and Monica and Brett win this argument, as we see David installing the tile with the assistance of Brett. 

On the show we saw the tile in this bathroom had already been removed. This is a picture prior to the removal of the tile.
Here is the completed bathroom. Although the bathroom looks greatly improved, the judges felt that the combination of the tile they choose and the paint color choice blended together too well and it just washed everything out. I have to agree.
Here is the master bedroom prior to the renovation. All of the tile had to be removed from this room and Monica seems to lay all the hardwood flooring.
Monica is busy painting the bedroom, however when Drew arrives he says the color makes the room look dated from the 90's, so she repaints it a grayer blue and  I must say it does look very nice. I am not a fan of a bed being placed on an angle, but I guess it makes for a nice picture. What do you think of Monica's decorating skills?

On Team Jonathan we have Torche and Mark playing rock, paper, scissors in which Mark wins the bath and toilet area, and Torche gets left with the vanity and the flooring in the bathroom. They agree to do the bedroom space together, although she takes on the closet and we never do see Mark in the bedroom. Mark spends what seems like an endless amount of time figuring out how to actually make his design work on the bathtub surround and he never does finish it, and therefore Torche can never get the flooring laid because he can't be in the bathroom while she does that, and that also means she can't install the vanity either. An unfinished renovation not only doesn't add any value it actually reduces the value. Oh and Torche has the flu, but it doesn't slow her down.

The completed bathroom does look wonderful and Mark's design on the tub looks fabulous. Jonathan's crew came in after the challenge and completed the remaining work. I do like that piece of furniture that Torche found and converted to a sink vanity.
Here is one side of the closet prior to Torche demolishing the space.
Here is the much improved closet space.

So the winner this week was Team Drew because Team Jonathan did not complete their challenge. Jonathan sent Mark on his way this week mainly Mark did not complete his work and he needs to improve his time management skills. Torche seemed surprised that Mark was sent home and she was remaining. You really have to commend Torche on this episode as she was sick with the flu and yet she just kept on working.

What was really exciting about this particular show was that Jonathan and Drew Scott were communicating during the show on twitter to all their fans and answering all kinds of questions, which made for a very interactive experience for their viewers. Thank you to Jonathan and Drew for answering a million questions during their show!

Next week is the FINAL show of the season. Who do you think will be the winner of this show?

All photographs are from HGTV and you can see additional photographs here.


  1. love the closet space! quite impressive!

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