Sunday, August 25, 2013

Living Color by Gary McBournie


 I LOVE books, all kinds of books, but especially interior design books! Through Dering Hall on facebook I won this incredible book by Gary McBournie, in "Living Color." His love of color is evident through all of the traditional interiors he designed that he is sharing with us in this book.

 Here is just a small sample of some of the interiors and exteriors within his book.

I adore the placement of the artwork in this family room. Gary states, "The collection of bird prints, random in size, but all framed in a similar manner, created a focus. I know that many people become intimidated when hanging such a collection, but sometimes it is best not to overthink the process. I generally lay them out on the floor, placing the largest ones in the center and at either end. I then fill in and try to balance the composition. The glass adds another layer of reflection, an extra benefit."

The photograph below is, "A moonlit Caribbean evening provides a dramatic view of the redesigned open-air living and dining areas, seen from the ocean side of the house."
There are four sections in the book, Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. This is the photograph of Spring and he states, "Spring makes me think of pale hues, a blush of pink against dark and strong contrasting browns." As you can see he displays a paint chip of the different colors that he sees within the season.

This book is full of color photographs of entire homes that he has decorated and they are all categorized by the season that inspired those color choices. He shares his knowledge and ideas about how to unify an entire home to achieve a cohesive design throughout. You will spend hours enjoying this book and learning about color and interior design in the process. Thank you Dering Hall!


  1. Congrats for winning this beautiful book! The pages you shared are gorgeous.
    Mary Alice

  2. Gary and I are delighted that you both won the book and that you enjoyed it! Thanks for sharing.
    Bill Richards


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