Friday, August 16, 2013

Need advice from other bloggers about GFC

I am fairly new to blogging and yesterday I read on another persons blog that she has removed GFC from her blog and I am wondering why any blogger is keeping GFC on our blogs.

Maybe this is a silly question, but if GFC no longer is supported then why would a blogger leave it on their page. I am seriously interested in a response because I have still have it on my page because I am not aware of the pros and cons of removing it.

Here are my thoughts. More established blogs may be keeping it because of the great multitude of readers it states they have, thereby giving their blog credibility and I understand that. So today I thought lets see what happens if I sign up on someones blog as a new GFC reader and it lets me sign up, but what is accomplished through this? Wouldn't I be far better off removing GFC and promoting my blog through email follow, and other blog readers such as bloglovin (which I personally use), network blogs, and linky blogs.

I would very much like to hear others thoughts on this subject.

Thank You!!

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  1. GFC is totally supported. What google discontinued was supporting the reading list on blogger. GFC is up and running fine, I still get new followers from it everyday and I follow other thru it everyday. There was a bad rummor running thru blogland that GFC was being discontinued, very confusing, but not at all true. I am definitely keeping mine. Marty

    1. Seriously! I am confused! Thank you Marty for responding!
      So I am a blogger and so I have a blogger dashboard, and on that dashboard is a "Reading List," and please correct me if I am wrong - that is where I can find all the blogs that I have chosen on someone else's blog to join their GFC - is that correct?
      So GFC for now is still running?
      Google shut down - Google reader - so the "Reading List" I have on my blogger dashboard isn't google reader?
      If a person who does NOT have a blog signs up to follow me on GFC where is their reader?
      Seriously Mary I appreciate any information you can share.
      Thank YOU!

  2. Google got rid of something else whose name escapes me where I lot of blogger's kept up with the Blogs they follow. However, Google reader is still up and running and you can still read all the blogs that you follow on google reader so don't get rid of Google connect because that provides the way for followers to read your blog on the reader.... Bloglovin is just another way for people to read the blog they follow and you can read the non Blogger blogs like those on word press and other blog sites on Blog lovin.
    I hope this helps...


    1. Debbie thank you! I guess I am duplicating things by using bloglovin and the reader on my dashboard of my blogger website. I am still confused about what was actually eliminated, but I don't need to know or understand everything so I will leave everything just as it is! Thank you so much for your advice, it is highly appreciated.
      Thank YOU!

  3. Patty,
    I have been feeling just like you-confused-and still am-guess we won't question something that is still working!
    Happy Weekend-

    1. Hey Jemma! I think I will take your advice and stop questioning!!

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