Saturday, August 10, 2013

Paint Colors

Say the words, "let's choose some paint colors," and you can see people running for the door. What is it that makes people so uncomfortable choosing a paint color? Maybe it is that there are so..... many choices that they are overwhelmed, maybe it is because they don't know what there taste are, and maybe it is because they just want to choose the RIGHT color. Whatever the reason people have a great deal of fear when it comes to choosing paint color, but you shouldn't, you just need to trust yourself, your interior designer/decorator or your best friend that is helping you choose.

I stopped in Sherwin Williams the other day and WOW they have a lot going on. They have partnered with Pottery Barn and West Elm and they have their Fall / Winter 2013 collection palette available. If you go to the Pottery Barn website which you can find here, you can look up any page in their catalog and see the paint color that was used in that room. How can this help you, because your wanting to paint a room not buy furniture, well if you like their furniture and the way they have styled their spaces, then chances are you are going to like the color of their walls. This is a fine place to start to get ideas for your paint colors for your home.

This is the Fall/Winter 2013 Color Palette Collection for Pottery Barn

There is also a Pottery Barn Kids Collection

To see the paint collection for West Elm you can go here.

Sherwin Williams has also teamed up with HGTV Home and there are a ton of ideas for paint colors at both the HGTV website and the Sherwin Williams website.

I think one of the best places to get ideas for your wall paint color is from your clothing. You put clothes on your body everyday and I hope you have chosen something that looks well on you. Well chances are those same colors are going to look very well on the walls that surround you also.
Via Nordstrom

If you have floor rugs, then this is a great place to pull a color palette from for your walls, your furniture and your drapes.
Via Woven Online

The next best place is the old fashion way of pulling out pages in magazines of rooms you love and look closely at those wall colors. Of course Pinterest is a great place to look in addition to magazines, and it doesn't cost a thing.

I just received my copy of House Beautiful September issue 2013 and it is full of paint color ideas and trends. I think trends are great and I love reading about why a current color is hot, and perhaps that is the perfect color for you now, but another great place to look for great paint colors is looking at historical paint colors, there is a reason those colors are still hugely popular.

I have also been reading a great deal lately about people planning to stay in their homes for longer periods of time, and that people are tired of living in a home that is staying ready for sale instead of enjoying their spaces through personalization, and I think this is fabulous. Stop thinking so much about resale and really live in your home. I know that is easy to say, until....it is is time to sell, well maybe you need to accept the fact that yes, you will have to change things to appeal to the majority when you go to sell your home, and if you accept that fact and put money away for that, then maybe you can really enjoy your home, because it is YOUR home, and maybe you will find that you just won't want to move anywhere at all.

I have always been fascinated and inspired with color and could literally look at color chips all day. Don't think about choosing the wrong color, because it most likely will not happen, but you can perhaps choose a better color just for you. Embrace the process about finding out what you really like and then go for it. Enjoy!

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  1. Nice post. I found this is a great way to choosing the paint for our beautiful home. Half of the beauty depends on right choose of color. I like the idea of rug for choosing the color.

  2. Love post Patty. Paint colors have come a long way. You are right about people staying in their homes longer. Paint, remodel, additions are always welcome. I am happily your newest follower, Linda

    1. Thanks Linda, so glad you like my post, and so glad that you have chosen to follow. I am looking forward to hearing more from you.
      Thanks,Patty at Home and Lifestyle Design


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