Friday, September 27, 2013

Fall Decorated Bar Table

Yesterday I showed you my "finds" from HomeGoods. I have put three of those items to good use on my bar table in my foyer. It is a very tiny foyer, so it is hard to get a good photograph.

 The two spritzers in the center were two of my HomeGoods finds - one purple and one brown.
Above the bar table is a print of, "Wall Street New York," by G. Harvey. I wish I had chosen the non-glare glass. I found this print for next to nothing years ago and the frame cost me way more than the print. I like how the orange in the painting is coordinating with the orange items on the table.
The large glass blown gourd I found years ago at...you guessed it, HomeGoods.
I love the detail on the leaf at the top. How did they do this?
Love the detailing. I could look at blown glass objects forever. My great grandfather was a glass blower from Sweden and I have two glass blown canes that he created. I will show them to you another time.
This is the right side of the table and I am loving the way everything is reflected in the mirror top.
Mama gourd and baby gourd. Aren't they a cute pair?
I placed my two spritzers I found at HomeGoods on a silver tray in the center of the table with some cordial glasses. I really wished I could have found three of these as I like to balance items in odd numbers.
Sometimes...I like all the reflections of the mirror and the glass and the bouncing of the colors. But it is not so easy to keep dust free. Oh well, a little dust never hurt anyone.
This cloche I picked up at an estate sale and placed some small gourds inside. There are an enormous amount of estate sales in Dallas.
I do love all the glass objects and how they shine and sparkle
In a little silver dish I placed some pinecones. 
They are scented with cinnamon and I love the smell of them. 
Remember that double rope basket from my finds a HomeGoods, well I place that below the table.
I filled the basket with hydrangeas. I love the fullness of hydrangeas. 
Have you changed up any of your tables for the fall season? It is nice to change things up and take notice of the colors that the fall season brings with it. I do wish I was closer to the mountains so I could go for a ride and see all the colors of the leaves during the this time of year, but I have my memories, and adding some color to my home helps me to remember the incredible beauty that the fall season gives us.

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Thursday, September 26, 2013

My HomeGoods Finds

I have a HomeGoods less than a mile from where I live and this can be a problem.  The other day I found a few items. The first item I found was this double rope basket.

It has two galvanized containers, which I love the appearance of and they would be great if I wanted to put some ice in them and have them hold wine bottles. My husband said they would be great to put our sandals in when we come back from walking on the beach - but, we don't have a beach.
On the top it has a seahorse which along with the rope it does has a very beach feel.
I also found this large metal cloche. 
I have a thing for feet on an accessory or a piece of furniture, and I think these are adorable. 
On top it has a fleur de lis. I am seriously thinking of painting this cloche white.
The other two items I found are these glass spritzers - one purple - the other brown. They don't actually work but I think they are adorable and I love the blown glass.
 Now what to do with my finds.

Now what to do with my finds?Unfortunately I think the nice people over at HomeGoods know me by name. Do you have a HomeGoods or another store that you pop into all the time. What have you found lately?

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Monday, September 23, 2013

My Burlap Wreath

I finally took the time to make a burlap wreath. I had seen some amazing ones in blogs and on Pinterest so I thought I would give it a try. It may be the easiest project I have ever done. These are the only materials I used and I did use a pair of wire cutters and a pair of scissors. I could have used bread ties instead of the floral wire. I like everything full - so I had to run back to Michael's and purchase another roll of burlap - each roll was 5" wide by 10 yards in length.
It only took about an hour to make. I do love the fullness of it. I think it came out lovely.
It was my intention to decorate along the left side with fall decor, but I like it so much just like it is that I wanted to keep it this way just for a little while.
One thing that really appeals to me is that I can leave this wreath just as it is and have it hang all year long or I can decorate for every holiday of the year, which I think I will. I love things that are versatile like this wreath.
There are a ton of places on Pinterest that explain how to make these wreaths, so I will let you explore. but it is simple and anyone can do it. As I decorate this wreath for the holidays I will show you a picture of it. I got so excited about this wreath that I am currently working on a pair of topiary tree's which I hope to finish later today, and I will share the final results with you when I have finished. I think I have fallen in love with burlap. It is an amazing material, it is so natural and it seems to fit in with just about everything else. Have you made a burlap wreath or some other project with burlap I would love for you to share it with me.

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Sunday, September 22, 2013

I WON! The Liebster Award!

Yes! I won the Liebster Award! It is a blogger to blogger award to bloggers with less than 200 followers. In German the word means, "dearest." It is an encouragement award. An award that says, "I see you," and "your doing great work - keep it up." Encouragement is a very good thing. It means a lot to me.

By being awarded the Liebster Award I now have to answer 11 questions that were asked of me. Then I must create a list of 11 questions to ask of other bloggers that I want to nominate for the Liebster Award that also have less than 200 followers. STOP! How do I know that they have less than 200 followers - this is not so easy and so if I have nominated you and your blog and you have WAY more than 200 followers - well please forgive me and carry on. But really who can't use a little more attention! When you nominate your 11 bloggers please link back to this blog where you yourself were nominated. Share a little love is what it is all about and an opportunity to get to know other new bloggers. It is a win - win!
I was nominated by Aimee at  Refresh - Renew! Aimee thank you so very much for honoring me with this award. It is wonderful to connect with other bloggers and help each other out.

First I will answer Aimee's questions and then I will share with you my nominations for the Liebster Award.

1. When did I start blogging?
I didn't know anything about blogging prior to 2008. I started looking at some blogs then and set up an account on blogger at that time but didn't do anything with it. Then in July of 2012 I wrote my first post but had so many things happening in my life that the time wasn't just right. I consider April of 2013 the date I officially started blogging.

2. What got you to take the leap into blogging?
Hmm....a change of life - a big change of life - many changes - everything changed. It was time for a change and with my background in building homes and my love of houses and design it seemed like a natural thing for me to do to start blogging about my knowledge and my interest.

3. How often do you post?
I want to post 5 days a week. In reality right now it is about twice a week - if I am lucky. Sometimes I get sidetracked by trying to do all the other things that I believe are necessary for a blog to survive, like finding followers, commenting on other blogs, linking up to parties, etc., It is a lot to learn in the beginning but I think I am getting the hang of things. I have learned so much it is amazing.

4. What is your biggest unanswered question about setting up your blog?
I don't know if it is unanswered but setting up my titles across the top of my blog is still an issue for me and I am still trying to figure it out. I want it to look great and of course be functional. It is a work in process.

5. Do you have a favorite project?
Um, yes but probably not what you were meaning by project. My favorite project is life, living it, appreciating it, taking it kindly as it is given, questioning it, exploring it. I think we are all a project of ourselves. For years the question was, "who am I?" Now the question is, "who do I want to be."

6. What is your favorite dinner food?
Seafood. I grew up along the Chesapeake Bay and I love seafood. First and foremost - crabs! Crab cakes, crab balls, imperial crabs, stuffed crab, anything crab, and then shrimp.

7. What is your one guilty pleasure?
Books, not just one, but many. I love to read books, all kinds of books. You can find me on goodreads where I share my love of reading. I would love for you to join me.

8. What is one unusual fact about you?
I am a curious person - very curious! I like to know things, all kind of things. People and psychology interest me greatly. The question, "why did you do that?" I find highly interesting. Sometimes I feel like I am a bit of a detective and unfortunately I find myself asking people questions that might not be any of my business. I just have an appetite for a lot of information.

9. Where do you find quiet time?
I am a quiet person by nature. I find quiet time everywhere, books, nature, walks, reading, blogs, magazines. I get easily overwhelmed in group settings and although I love getting together with friends I am most comfortable by myself, and with my fur baby, Priscilla and my husband.

10. Favorite family activity?
Probably eating meals together. It is probably the time that we share the most about what we did today or what we want to do in life.

11. How many states have you lived in?
1. St. Leonard, MD, 2. Kane, PA, 3. Huntsville, AL, 4. Cape Canaveral, FL, 5. Birmingham, AL, 5. New Orleans, 6. Dallas TX - which is where I currently live.

NOW here are the Blogs that I have nominated!

Please take the time to visit them and say hello!


Okay nominees, now it is your time to answer my questions!

1. Why did you start blogging? What is it you hope to accomplish by blogging? What is the purpose of your blog?

2. In what ways have you found it successful for you to connect with other bloggers?

3. Are you using Pinterest to connect with everyone? You can find my Pinterest account here. Are your finding Pinterest valuable to you in your blogging and if so how are you using Pinterest to build a following?

4. Have you ever been to a blogging event and if so what ones and did you find it beneficial and would you recommend it to other bloggers?

5. What do you love about blogging?

6. Are you on Google+ and if so have you found it beneficial for building connections for you and your blog?

7. What did you do prior to blogging?

8. What type of photography equipment do you use and how important do you think photography is to your blog?

9. Do you entertain a lot in your home and if so what sort of entertaining is it that you most enjoy? Do you blog about your entertaining?

10. What does your immediate family and extended family and friends think about you blogging and are they supportive of you?

11. The final question! What are your future aspirations for your blog? Where do you want your blogging to take you?

I hope you feel this is an opportunity for you to build your readership and find and encourage other new bloggers like yourself in this most interesting place we all seem to have found ourselves. Happy Hunting and Happy Connecting! Let's all connect back to each other and help each other to grow our blogs and ourselves. And Congratulations!

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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Moonrise by Cassandra King

Moonrise by Cassandra King is an excellent novel. At first I felt it was the tiniest bit slow but I was mistaken. Let’s face it sometimes we want a fast read, other times we like to linger in the words, the sentences and the paragraphs that a writer places in front of us. Moonrise is a book to linger in, take your time, and get to know the characters as if they were people you really did meet in your life. You don’t want to read this book on the airplane but rather curled up in a comfy chair with a cup of tea or a glass of wine. I love it when I find a book that I don’t want to know how it ends, because I don’t want it to end, and then finding a book to read next becomes an ordeal. 
Via Highlands Info
 The book cover says that the book takes, “inspiration from Daphne du Maurier’s Rebecca,” which didn’t mean anything to me because I never read that book.
Highlands Info
Moonrise is the name of a house named after its moon gardens, which is a garden that was built to best be seen and enjoyed during a full moon. But the house is about much more than just than just the garden, it is a house in the town of Highlands in the Blue Ridge Mountains. The house belonged to Emmet’s first wife who died unexpectedly less than one year ago. After a mental breakdown, Emmet decides to leave CNN in Atlanta and take a job in Fort Lauderdale where he meets Helen Honeycutt and they date for four months and then they quickly get married.  Helen sees some photographs of Moonrise and she wants to go there for the summer. Emmet has no interest in returning to Moonrise or the friends that he and he and his deceased wife were friends with, but Helen convinces him that it is a good idea.
When someone dies that other person does need to move on, but I must say if a male friend of mine replaced his wife (my friend) in less than a year after the deceased wife died I would not take kindly to him or his new wife, and I might be wrong, but nevertheless I believe there is a time to grieve. But how long is long enough?
If you have never been to the the town of Highlands or the Blue Ridge Mountains, no worries, as Cassandra King does an excellent job of describing the town and the other houses and the feel of living in the mountains.  If you enjoy reading about places and houses, then you will find this book very enjoyable. Moonrise itself is a historical Victorian home, passed down to their daughter Rosalyn, and she has maintained it in the style in which it was built and it is fully furnished and decorated in the Victorian era, including a painting of herself in the turret room. The other houses are also described in detail, one of which is Kit’s house which is an ultra-modern, mostly glass house that is very different from the other homes in the town of Highlands.
Some of the people we meet in this book, all of them friends of Emmet’s and his deceased wife Rosalyn are Tansy who lives with Noel but they are not together as a couple, Willa the local mountain woman, caretaker of the properties when the owners are not in town, Kit who is/was Rosalyn’s best friend from childhood, Linc Varner who is recovering from a stroke and his wife Myna, and Annie who is Emmet’s daughter.
The book is about this new wife and how she desperately wants to be included, accepted and welcomed in this group of friends of Emmets, which I think is a bit ambitious considering the deceased wife hasn’t even  been gone a year. Even the best of people I believe would have trouble welcoming a new wife, the woman who has replaced the deceased wife of less than a year with open arms.  But as I said what is an acceptable time to grieve? Because of this Helen comes off to me as more than a bit naïve, and her feelings seem to get hurt rather easily for someone in her situation. Also we are left in the dark as to just how Rosalyn died and why she was at their vacation home when she wasn’t expected to be, and are there things left undone the that she feels the need to finish herself and is therefore still at Moonrise?
A Victorian home but no this is not Moonrise - Via Activerain
I have read all of Cassandra Kings books except for, “Making Waves,” and so I can say that she has certainly grown as a skilled writer. If someone had handed me this book and asked me to tell them who the author was I would never had thought it was Cassandra King. If you have not been a fan of Cassandra King before than I suggest you pick up this book and become a fan.  It is her best book yet. What I want to know is when is her next book is being released?

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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Fall Table Display

I felt I needed to add just a bit of the fall season into my home. I just moved a table that once held my tv over to a hallway space that was crying for a piece of furniture. It fits well under the already existing painting. It is an iron frame sofa table with a marble top.
It is still in the very high 90's everyday but if I wait for Dallas to cool down, well then I might just miss fall altogether.
I found this adorable fall flower arrangement at Michael's and just had to bring it home. The owl just adds a touch of humor to the arrangement and makes me happy.
She needed just a tiny lift so I placed two interior design book beneath her.
To her far left is one of a pair of a Maitland Smith bronze candelabras with marble surrounding its base.
It is extremely heavy and full of details.
Of course it has a cherub, working, working.
And some egg and dart detailing along the bottom and beading around the top.
Sitting next to her is the ever diligent bronze griffin holding a brass torche.
To the far right is a lamp with a glass blown globe.
The shade is covered in script.
At the top is a finial. I seem to have a thing for finials. I also happen to love all the details in this painting and never get tired of taking in all of the details.

A bronze cherub playing her violin sits next to the lamp.
As you know I love cherubs. I never set out to have a collection of cherubs but somehow they just found me and there are many more around my home.
The painting is a gouache painting. Prior to purchasing this painting, I hadn't heard of gouache painting. It is similar to a watercolor, but a pigment has been added to make it opaque. The artist drew the design first and then painted it.
I really debated about buying this sofa table way back when but I must say it has served a multitude of uses over the years. 
Have you ever noticed that you had a collection of something without consciously setting out to collect them? 

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