Friday, September 27, 2013

Fall Decorated Bar Table

Yesterday I showed you my "finds" from HomeGoods. I have put three of those items to good use on my bar table in my foyer. It is a very tiny foyer, so it is hard to get a good photograph.

 The two spritzers in the center were two of my HomeGoods finds - one purple and one brown.
Above the bar table is a print of, "Wall Street New York," by G. Harvey. I wish I had chosen the non-glare glass. I found this print for next to nothing years ago and the frame cost me way more than the print. I like how the orange in the painting is coordinating with the orange items on the table.
The large glass blown gourd I found years ago at...you guessed it, HomeGoods.
I love the detail on the leaf at the top. How did they do this?
Love the detailing. I could look at blown glass objects forever. My great grandfather was a glass blower from Sweden and I have two glass blown canes that he created. I will show them to you another time.
This is the right side of the table and I am loving the way everything is reflected in the mirror top.
Mama gourd and baby gourd. Aren't they a cute pair?
I placed my two spritzers I found at HomeGoods on a silver tray in the center of the table with some cordial glasses. I really wished I could have found three of these as I like to balance items in odd numbers.
Sometimes...I like all the reflections of the mirror and the glass and the bouncing of the colors. But it is not so easy to keep dust free. Oh well, a little dust never hurt anyone.
This cloche I picked up at an estate sale and placed some small gourds inside. There are an enormous amount of estate sales in Dallas.
I do love all the glass objects and how they shine and sparkle
In a little silver dish I placed some pinecones. 
They are scented with cinnamon and I love the smell of them. 
Remember that double rope basket from my finds a HomeGoods, well I place that below the table.
I filled the basket with hydrangeas. I love the fullness of hydrangeas. 
Have you changed up any of your tables for the fall season? It is nice to change things up and take notice of the colors that the fall season brings with it. I do wish I was closer to the mountains so I could go for a ride and see all the colors of the leaves during the this time of year, but I have my memories, and adding some color to my home helps me to remember the incredible beauty that the fall season gives us.

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  1. Lovely display! Especially the glass blown gourd. Really unique, TFS!

  2. Love the pops of color from the glass gourds. Your bar table is just gorgeous!

  3. I love how you styled your bar table! You glass gourd is beautiful! Those cinnamon pine cones are awesome, I think cinnamon is my favorite fall and winter scent. =)

    1. Shana, sometimes when I smell cinnamon in a store it can be overwhelming, but at home I just love the scent of cinnamon and it has become of favorite scent of mine also.

  4. Hi Patty, what great finds! The bar table is gorgeous with all of your Fall items. The pops of color is lovely. The glass blown gourd is spectacular. xo Linda

  5. So cute. I love HomeGoods! I could live in that place. I've never been lucky enough to find something as cool as that glass though. I hope you have a great friday!

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