Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Making changes in our lives - thougths to ponder.

Why is it so easy to see someone life and think about what they should or shouldn’t do to improve themselves, but have trouble seeing ourselves and how we could improve our own lives by making some simple or even some large changes in ourselves. 
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It feels like an inability to recognize or to step out of ourselves and really see. I have made references to poor choices I have made in the last few years to the inability to see the forest for the trees, and I think that applies here. When we are in the midst of our immediate lives it is hard to see the big picture of what is really important, that bigger picture that will affect our daily and long term reality. 
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So the real question is how can we step back from ourselves and see that forest and choose what individual trees need attention and take care of them and make the necessary corrections so that the entire forest can not only exist but thrive and grow and become even stronger. With a forest full of trees how can we know what ones need attention? There is no way we can check on every tree, as we would run out of time.  Can we somehow fly above and get a visual at least, but even that would only show a tip of a problem if it would show any issues at all, for most of the time the problems are at the roots of ourselves, we can’t dig up the ground without ruining the trees. 
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So often I believe that our best friends and the people closest to ourselves will not tell us what we need to improve and fix our lives, but why is that? Are they afraid of offending us, hurting our feelings, losing a relationship? Are we that sensitive that we can’t handle some constructive criticism and help, and even thank them for bringing it to our attention and then really spend time examining that very root of ourselves and taking the time to address it and actually fix it. Wouldn’t we be stronger as a human being and a connection with another human being suddenly have more depth and meaning?  Why can’t we help each other?
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Wouldn’t it be a great experiment to ask those closest to you, what is the one thing I could do to improve my life the most. If you were asked that question by your friend would you truthfully answer, or would you consider a truthful and thoughtful response a risk to your friendship even when asked for your opinion and help? Would you want a truthful answer from your friend? Would you even ask the question? Should a doctor treat himself or go to another doctor for advice? 
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I think the problem is our inability to see ourselves, no matter how hard we examine our lives it is incredibly difficult to see the current and immediate issues. Perhaps in many years with hindsight we can have great insight and say, well we should have done such and such, but at the moment the issues are current, wouldn’t it be great for someone who clearly sees or perhaps doesn’t clearly see still offer us a bit of advice. Are we as humans so sensitive and self-absorbed that we can’t ask or accept help and advice from others? Would we lose a relationship over what we perceive as truth? Would we look back in ten years and think, she was really trying to help me but I was offended, I couldn’t accept help, I wasn’t ready, I still am not ready, will I ever be ready, or will I just keep wondering around the forest never asking for directions? 
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Do you want more clarity in your own life? Would you, or do you accept advice from those who are close and dear to you? Do you ever ask, what is the one thing that I could change about myself that would improve my life significantly?

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  1. Beautiful post...you have given us much to think about!....

  2. Life has its struggles, but I agree that it is important to have relationships that elevate. But how much? Tough questions.

    1. It is a fine line that we walk with each other in our relationships and yes how much can one say or try to help without crossing that line.

  3. I pose the question, then walk in the woods for miles, several times each week.

    Have learned not to force a solution. Never make decisions while Hungry Angry Lonely Tired. Know to ask myself, 'what would i do tomorrow if i were not afraid?'


    1. Excellent advice Tara! I always remind myself of the saying, "this too shall pass."

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