Thursday, October 3, 2013

One Room Challenge - Week 1

Are you familiar with the ORC? If not it is the "One Room Challenge," hosted by Linda at Calling It Home." It is a semi-annual event where 20 design oriented bloggers transform a room from start to finish over a 6 week time period. This time Linda from Calling It Home has invited other bloggers to play along. 

The room I have chosen is my porch. In the summer it is so hot in Dallas, that we don't really use it but in the fall, winter and spring we can use it a great deal, and I would like it to be a more enjoyable place to spend time. Here is how it looks at the moment. It is a long narrow porch 7'x14" in length. This is the view facing one way.

 And this is the other side.
The back side is two sliding doors with a small space in between the doors. I removed one of the ferns to get this little shot.
This is the view looking out and I do like the enclosure that the ferns give me.
I have two cherub planters that will stay, but yes they sure do need something beside an empty planter sitting inside of them.
Here is the porch from outside.

I am going for a little  bit of a shabby chic sort of decor, and here are a  couple of inspiration photos that I hope will lead me and my porch in the right direction. I like enclosing myself within the space and keeping it a bit private. I like everything about this inspiration photo. I even like the hanging basket.
Via Pinterest
 And here is another inspiration photo. One thing I like about both of these photos is using an actual piece of furniture on the porch.
Via Pinterest

There are a bunch of different things I could bring to my porch to achieve a more shabby chic and enclosed setting, and these are just some of the ideas I am thinking about.
It needs a rug no longer than 6'-8" x 13'-7"
Plants for the two cherub planters
Items to hang on the one wall and perhaps above the two sliding doors.
Maybe a bakers type rack or chest to go on the one wall.
Accent lighting from the ceiling.
Tablecloth for the large round table
White or cream color slipcovers for the two larger chairs
More attractive watering can
Lots of accessories.

To see all of the participants please click on the image below.
One Room Challenge

So over the next six weeks I will be updating and decorating my porch for the grand result to be shown on week 6. There are a lot of other participants and I am sure you will want to see their spaces also, so to check them out go to Calling It Home.

ORC - Week Two
ORC - Week Three
ORC- Week Four
ORC - Week Five
ORC- Week Six - The Final Reveal


  1. OMG Patty, so excited about this space, I think your the only one doing an outside room for this challenge (haven't checked all yet though)! Of course, I'm gonna follow you along every step of the way! Good luck to us!

    1. Thank You! I will be following your young mans space - which looks like it has a ton of potential!

  2. Wow! Those are gorgeous ferns!!! They don't grow well here :(

    I look forward to your project. I like your inspiration.

    1. I have always loved ferns and this do give us great coverage. When the heat gets above 100 degrees I put them down on the concrete and keep them out of the sun as much as possible and when we have about 4 nights a year when we have a frost I put them in the garage - other than that they do very well. They actually need larger pots - but I think I will wait until Spring on that.
      Patty at Home and Lifestyle Design

  3. Love your inspiration pictures! Your porch is going to be a perfect little retreat when you are finished! I had never thought about using a piece of furniture outside on a porch, but I do like the idea. We have a large deck that is in desperate need of some TLC but one room at a time...I feel inspired by your pictures! Love your blog!

    1. Yes, one room at at time! Looking forward to seeing your both reno!

  4. Patty, this is such a fun space to decorate. Your inspiration pictures are so inviting and comfy, I can just imagine sitting out there with a glass of iced tea and a book!

  5. Thanks for coming on over! I love how your ferns create a living wall! this space is so pretty can't wait to see it finished!! And I really love your inspiration pictures... so pretty:)

  6. I can't wait to see how the space turns out. I am already getting some inspiration for my own porch.

  7. This is a great space and I love your inspiration!

  8. This should be fun, I'll be watching! -Caitlin

  9. You are so lucky to have a porch. I did not realize you could use it in the winter. This is going to be so charming and I can already see you drinking coffee at a quaint table enjoying the weather. Thanks for joining in.

  10. These are really inspirational home decoration. I truly loves these decor ideas and pics. Thanks for sharing such a beautiful post.

  11. Loving the shabby chic feel! My front porch could definitely use some love. I'm excited to see what you come up with!

  12. That is so exciting.
    And I really think that the shabby chic look would be so pretty and comfy.

  13. Your porch is going to look so good! I love the feel of a private little porch, and the actual furniture on the porch is perfect. That would make it feel like an outdoor room and an extension of the rest of your home. I can't wait to see what you come up with!

  14. I need to redo my porch -- looking forward to getting some inspiration from you!

  15. I just redid my porch last week. Spruced it up for fall.

  16. What a wonderful idea! The pinterest photo of the shabby chic porch is simply gorgeous. I need to find the time to redo our porch!

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  18. I know there will be many difficulties and challenges but I am determined to do it. If it does not succeed then it will be a lesson for me as well


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