Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Stationery by Minted

Are you a fan of stationery? Sometimes I will get an evite, and that is fine, but when I receive a thoughtful card, or invitation in the mail, it just means so much more to me. Not too long ago a reality show featured a wedding and the bride had sent out evites to her guest. She wasn’t constricted by finances, as she bought a $50,000+ dress for herself and her wedding was absolutely beautiful, but the guest received their invitations on-line. Hmm…. I find it so nice when I am invited to a dinner party and the host has sent me a personal invitation by mail. I know she took the time to choose and create her own personal invitations, and I know her party is going to be fabulous.

Have you heard of Minted? Minted is an on-line stationery store with independent designers that create every kind of stationery you could imagine. A couple of years back I went to two weddings and both times I received a, “save the date” card. One of them had a photograph of the couple on the “save the date” card and I hung it up on my cork board that I had in my office and everyday I looked up and saw that lovely couple, and every day I anticipated going to their wedding. Minted save the date cards are unique. From quirky to elegant, they have something for everyone to choose from. There are an abundance of choices both in the design itself but also in the weight of the paper, the color of the paper, different silhouette shapes, with lots of interior options and liners and labels.

Of course you can get “save the date” invitations without putting your photograph on the card.
I kept my “save the date” card way longer than the wedding invitation. Aren’t wedding invitations gorgeous! At minted they have on-going design competitions that designers participate in and this is how minted acquires such incredible talent that makes their stationery and invitations so unique, and then you can further customize those designs to make them truly one-of-a-kind. 

Designer Tanya Lee from Frooted Designs created this gorgeous wedding invitation “Striped Sweet Nothings.”
Minted offers some of their cards including the one above in a minibook format. How cool is this!
Here is an inside view of this minibook invitation.

I am a touchy-feely person when it comes to anything that lands in my hands so I am in love with minted’s letterpress by hand on 100% cotton paper. This wedding invitation below is called, “paper flowers,” by designer Kristen Smith.
Below is a close up. Can’t you just feel all the texture in this invitation!
Of course minted has every other conceivable type of stationery and invitations available. But beyond that they also have calendars, journals, business cards, and even wrapping paper. They also have limited edition prints. Maybe I have been in Texas a little too long but I adore this photograph. Amy Carroll is the photographer, and it comes in a variety of sizes.
You can go to minted’s main website by going here. Also, remember I said that minted has designers from around the world that create their designs, well right now they are having a competition for the category of “birth announcements,” so if you are design savvy you might just want to enter this contest and can do so by going here. It ends January 13,2014 so hurry and enter your best design.

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