Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Traditional Home Tour Birmingham Alabama

I built this home a few years back.

Gosh it is more than a few years ago.

Six to be exact.

That’s a long time ago. 

It is amazing when looking back on something 

and it  just doesn’t seem that long ago

and yet it seems like a lifetime ago. 

Funny how our memories work that way isn’t it. 

3203 Springhill Exterior
It is a traditional home located in Birmingham, Alabama. 

It is about 4,000 square feet

and it has four bedrooms and 3-1/2 baths.3203 Springhill Dining Room
The crown in the Dining Room is a carved molding 

that I highlighted with gold gilding. 

I literally went around the entire Dining Room 

with a very small paint brush and highlighted it all.

I do think it is gorgeous!
3203 Springhill DR Crown Gold Gilding I also applied a golden faux finish on the walls.

The whole room has a glow to it. 

I choose a gold chandelier with black crystals

which gave the room even more drama.
3203 Springhill DR Walls and Chandelier
Upon entering the house the paneled Study is on your right.

The entire room is wrapped in stained paneling 

It is an impressive room 

where you can

hold an important meeting or curl

up and read a good book.  

The male population loves these rooms. 

I am pretty fond of them myself.
3203 Springhill Library walls As you come through the front door 

the room straight ahead is the Great Room.

You can see back into the Foyer

and the Dining Room from here.
3203 Springhill Great Room 1a
The carpenter built 

the custom cabinetry

and the mantel.

The mantel has a faux finish

that makes it look like an antique.
3203 Springhill Great Room 2b The ceiling is 20 feet in height 

and has a gorgeous crystal chandelier.

I can’t imagine a house without a chandelier, or five.
3203 Springhill GR 3a From the balcony you can

see the staircase

the Eating Area,

and the Kitchen.3203 Springhill GR 4a It is a traditional home but with a 

bit of glamour sprinkled throughout.
3203 Springhill GR 5a

I wonder how the owners have decorated these walls. 
3203 Springhill Great Room 6b
The Laundry Room has its own door to the outside,

so it is easy to come inside after working in the yard

and clean up right here.

On the opposite wall there is a sink, upper cabinetry 

and the washer and dryer.

On this wall we put bead boarding along the wall to protect it 

from getting beat up from coats being hung,

we put a cork board above the coat hooks and

and a black board between the upper and lower cabinetry.3203 Springhill Laundry Room I love a dramatic Powder Room

and this one does not disappoint.

The textured walls were painted in a deep burgundy and

a black crystal chandelier hangs above.
3203 Springhill Powder Room Here is a view into the kitchen from the opposite side 

of the staircase in the Great Room.

All of the cabinetry is KraftMaid Cabinetry

except for the hood

which was custom built.
3203 Springhill Kitchen 1a The Kitchen and Keeping Room 

have a cathedral ceiling 

and we installed wood beams

to give it warmth

and a more relaxed vibe 

than the more formal rooms.
3203 Springhill Kitchen 2a Here is a view of the detail on the custom hood. 

This house was in the Parade of Homes

and we won a Silver Award for the house and a 

special award for the design of the hood 

and the Kitchen itself.
3203 Springhill Kitchen4a At the opposite end of the Kitchen is the Keeping Room. 

It has its own fireplace

and the door goes out to an enclosed porch 

and from there the owners can also get to a large open deck.
3203 Springhill Keeping Room From the Great Room you enter the Master Suite.

The first room you enter is the Sitting Room.

It looks out into the deck and the private backyard beyond that.
3203 Springhill Sitting Room The Bedroom itself is just beyond the Sitting Room.

I always put ceiling fans in the Bedrooms.3203 Springhill Master Bedroom From the bed you can out to the back yard.

The back of this house faces east 

so the sun will awaken you each morning.

I love it when a bedroom faces east 

telling us it is time to rise each morning.
3203 Springhill Sitting Room 1a The door you see there goes into the Master Bathroom. 

There are three walls in this bedroom

so there is plenty of room 

for dressers and armoires.
3203 Springhill Sitting Room a As you enter the Master Bathroom area 

the first area you come to is the

Master Bath Foyer 

with a full wall mirror with beveled edges,

a chandelier and crystal sconces right and left.

This is a great place for a vanity.
3203 Springhill Master Foyer There are two custom built closets

with lots of drawers

hanging space and shelves.
3203 Springhill Custom Closets And of course more chandeliers. 

All of the doors are solid wood doors with the 

moldings applied and then stained.
3203 Springhill Closet Chandy
Here you can see the details of the custom woodwork. 

My husband built the closets.
3203 Springhill Closet Details The Master Bath has a whirlpool tub

with a wood stained front,

tiled decking,

and a granite backsplash with bronze inlays.
3203 Springhill Bathroom The Master Bathroom runs the width of the house 

and you can see the second closet at this end. 

The mirrors were also custom made and notice that 

the sconces sit on top of the mirror itself. 

In the center of the room is a large linen cabinet 

and on each side a sink vanity with drop in sinks and granite tops.
3203 Springhill Bathroom a
Upstairs there are three bedrooms, 

one with a private bath and the other two bedrooms share a bath 

but have their own private vanity areas. 

This home also has a two car garage on the main level and 

an additional two car plus garage on the lower level.

Houses in Birmingham are mostly built with a basement

under the entire home,

and a great deal of the homeowners finish off that space

for additional living space.

There are some wonderful people living in this home, 


  1. What a beautiful beautiful home! You added some amazing touches to it. Thank you fro sharing at THT!

  2. Wow, Patty, amazing. I have no other words!

  3. Stunning, Patty, absolutely stunning! Love, love, love the kitchen!

  4. Patty,
    This is one gorgeous home, all of it-but I am one to adore molding and this home has it! My husband and I built a beautiful home 10 years ago and we also incorporated extensive molding, chandeliers and richly stained oaks in various rooms throughout our home. It was 5200 square feet-now sold and just a memory.
    Thank you for sharing this beauty with us-

  5. It is beautiful! What very special details.

  6. This has given me inspiration to stain our doors. We had ALL stained molding and trim and doors in the old house but this house, eveything is white....and making me a little crazy!!! FIRST we have to PAINT. I am NOT a white person at all. I have also thought about painting the doors black....we'll see. So glad I found your blog!

    1. I love stained doors, seeing the wood grain emphasized gives the room yet another design element to be appreciated. Nature at it's finest. Black doors bring an incredible amount of drama into a space - I love it!

  7. Holy tall ceilings, Patty!! Wow, what a nice home with so many loving touches. I can see all the detailed decisions you must have made along the way. Thanks for the tour. I love your kitchen.

    1. Details, details, it is all about the details, and yes there are an enormous amount of decisions to make in building a home, but I loved making every one of them. Tall ceiling are very popular in Birmingham. It is so interesting to see how homes differ from different regions of the country.

  8. Great tour Patty! I love all the chandys and the seating in the dining room especially~ wow kitchen too! I live in Birmingham in Country Ridge Estates~

    1. Jenna, this home is located in Shelby County, in Highland Lakes, which is where I built all of my houses. I too love a baguette seating in a dining room and I never tire of chandys!!

  9. What a beautiful home! I love the way you decorated it! I am pinning this.

    1. Thanks Tanya! I love Pinners!! So glad you like it.

  10. Absolutely fabulous! This is my kind of decorating and I love love the exterior of the home too. If this is/was your decorating I'm head over heals for it! That's my kind of white kitchen too- I prefer them to be a little glazed or antiqued vs. straight white. I truly love each detail- I could just see myself in this home so easily! Goodness the detail around that ceiling that you hand painted is amazing. When I win the lottery I'll be calling you!!

    1. Thank you Liz! This house was a joy to build. Yes, it is my kind of house and my kind of decorating. You have just made my day with your lovely compliments. I loved that ceiling, it was time consuming but so worth it. I also faux finished the walls in the dining room. I think it turned out wonderfully. Yes, be sure to spread your winnings around when you win that lottery!

  11. Breathtaking home. Loved the powder room!

    1. Powder Rooms can be so fun to furnish and decorate - tiny rooms call for some bling!

  12. Oh my Patty, the house is gorgeous…love everything about it and those beams in the kitchen really caught my eye!…Love all the detail and magnificent trim work!

  13. What a gorgeous home!

  14. This is gorgeous. I am visiting you via Wow Us Wednesdays and look forward to seeing you at My Dream Canvas.

  15. Visiting from Savvy Southern Style - what an amazing home - just gorgeous -
    That molding in the dining room - no words !!!

  16. I love Southern Homes, sigh, sooooo beautiful! Southern homes have so much charm. I always say....no one builds a home like the south! :) Thanks for sharing.

  17. The master bedroom suite would be almost enough for me. The sitting area is really beautiful with the rustic beams. Gorgeous!

  18. Patty, what a gorgeous home! Thank you for sharing. You will be one of the fan features tomorrow at the Sunday Showcase from the Make it Pretty Monday party at The Dedicated House. Pop on in tomorrow to check out your feature. Have a lovely day tomorrow! Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse

  19. Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful home with us. Six years is - nothing, a little poof of time, LOL! I've been in my house 23, it will be 24 years this coming August. Nothing so grand as yours, mine would fit into yours about 3 times, in fact. I love your paneled study, oh my, what a gorgeous, cozy, embracing and welcoming space. I would never ever leave it. I like the idea of chandeliers, but to tell you the truth, having them dangling overhead way above me would make me twitchy and constantly looking up. Yours are beautiful and give a European feel to your home, just too grand for me I think. I am happy to see you're not afraid of color. It is an awesome space and you have made it uniquely yours. Congrats on a job well done.

  20. Thanks for the tour. It is a beautiful home with great touches of style. Love it!

  21. Absolutely gorgeous home! I will be featuring this tonight at my Winter Blues Wednesday party that opens at 8pm EST. Please stop by and pick up an I've Been Featured button. Thanks. http://diybydesign.blogspot.com

  22. What a gorgeous home! Every detail is perfect!

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