Thursday, January 2, 2014

A Clean Slate – It’s a New Day

It is a New Year!
I have put all of the decorations away but I am still cleaning up the house.
As I was cleaning I was thinking.
Wouldn’t it be nice if we could clean ourselves and start with a fresh slate.
Well I think we can, within reason of course.
I have a book called, “Do One Thing Different.”
So what if we just did one thing different, and that one thing was to stop regurgitating our past mistakes and misfortunes.
And put them in the back of our mind each time they made an appearance.
Think of how much room we would have to concern ourselves with today.
A New Day.
cleansurface 001
I often reflect and get hopeful at the start of a new month, or a new week.
You don’t have to wait for a new year to begin.
If you don’t succeed at something you don’t need to forget about it all together either.
Just start again at the beginning of a new week, or a new day, or a new minute.
There is always an opportunity to begin again.
cleansurface 021
So am I trying to encourage you or me?
I don’t think for a second that I am alone in having difficulty putting things in the past.
But in the past is exactly where past things belong.
I am not proposing that you are going to forget about them.
Just that you will stop dwelling upon them.
It’s a New Day!
SisterTripAmeliaIsland 015
For Today and Every Day
I wish us all a New Beginning.
A Fresh Start!

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  1. every day that we wake up we have an opportunity to start over. Loved your post and so ready for the new year, not the new me but oh my so many changes coming up
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  2. Cleaning up the house and cleaning up your mind have very much in common. The inner confusion often shows in the outer confusion.

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