Thursday, January 23, 2014

China Tea Set and Special Memories

Today is the day my mother was born.
We grew up celebrating this day.
In 2011 she went to Heaven.
She was ready, prepared, willing and wanting.
Teapot1 002b
I don’t remember her ever not having these china teapots.
I think they were her mothers.
They have been with me my whole life.
Teapot1 005b
They are very delicate and I am always so careful with them.
Teapot1 020b
Their delicateness makes me think of how fragile life can be
and how we should never take a day for granted.
Teapot1 029b
She gave them to me.
She wanted me to have them.
I often wonder why me, why not one of her other daughters.
I don’t know this answer but I am grateful that I have them.
Teapot1 034a
Memories can be fine and delicate
and sometimes the best memories
are created during the most simplest of occasions and
we have no idea how those moments
can be that memory that stays with us for a lifetime
and establish just who we are to ourselves and to each other.
I celebrate the birth of my mother.

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  1. What a sweet post. Your mother must have seen something in the beauty of the tea set that reminded her of you! What a precious memory!

  2. What a very lovely treasure to have from your mother! Your teapots are so delicate and beautiful.
    You're right, life is very fragile and delicate at times. Good reminder to be grateful for each day.
    Mary Alice

  3. Wonderful story. And the teapots are stunning.


  4. رزرو بلیط هواپیما شیراز

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    Winters are not a bad option to travel to Shiraz.

  5. pictures of these China Tea Set are so beautiful.
    ملی پرواز


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