Friday, January 10, 2014

Do You Groom Your Dog

I have an assistant who helps me each day
and I have been remiss in introducing her.
So without further ado…
Meet Miss Priscilla Anne Rumaker.
You may have seen her in my Christmas Tour which you can see by going here.
She is not only my assistant – she also lives with me and my husband.
She has many roles which come very naturally to her including but in no way limited to:
friend, boss (@ times), exercise encourager, lap warmer and secret keeper.
She came to live with us on May 14, 2011.
She adopted us and we accepted.

There is a bit of a problem though.
She does not like her front paws and lower legs brushed but she loves to have them touched and rubbed.
Just don’t bring that brush within eye sight and don’t say the word brush either.
And she hates going to the groomer – she shakes so bad I feel like a criminal taking her.
The last place we went charged $60.00 and I don’t think she did a thing other than give her a bath.
She can be um…, difficult. I think it was $60.00 because she didn’t want us coming back.
So I have been thinking about getting a few things.

Like maybe one of these….

And a pair of these….

I probably need a pair of these also, but these scare me. What if I cut too short!

I brush her everyday.
She hates it.
When we get to the front paws and feet I put her in a choker hold,
and when that doesn’t work my husband puts her in a choker hold.
We are not hurting her but you would think we are killing her.
Truthfully she is scared to death.
I suppose someone at sometime wasn’t very kind.
She will be six in May. We have only had her three of those years.
We don’t know what happened before she adopted us.
We have the bath and the drying part down, although she doesn’t like that much.
I am more than a little scared to do the grooming part but I might need to get over myself.

Do you groom your own dog?
Do you have some helpful advice you could share with me?

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  1. I groom my yorkie,,,,,I have ever since she was 3 months old. I like to sing to her (I notice she calms down a lot) I talk to her very soft and gentle (I repeat to her over and over that she is a good girl.. and tell her how pretty she is) I do a lot of "oooo's and ah's) - try it - hope it helps...
    (Try playing soft mellow music??) Good luck!!

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  3. I have groomed our Pomeranian before. She's no trouble at all to groom, except that she has so much fur, that we both get tired. Recently, we found a wonderful groomer who does a beautiful job. Tia doesn't like it when I drop her off, but I can tell she's been treated well.

    Have you tried one of those grooming mitts on Miss Priscilla? You wear it like a glove and pet her. She might not find that to be as frightening as a brush, and she might even enjoy it.

  4. Just keep trying. Our beagle Flip did not like taking showers at first, but now he walks in without much coaxing. And he loves the toweling off. Then again we rarely have to untangle anything. And nail trimming is a two person job. But he does not hate it. He just doesn't understand what he needs to do. Oh, and he loves a hair dryer to dry him nice and warm after showers on these cold days. Just keep trying with Miss Pris. And think what you can do with the 60$. That is what my niece spends for grooming for her lab. Linda@Wetcreek Blog

  5. I use to groom my toy poodle and it took me at least three hours. Time intensive, yet his pace... I wore out two of those pet hair cutters. I might have purchased the wrong one, because someone told me his coat is really hair. I don't remember what they told me to buy, because I don't groom him anymore. Now I take him. He hates it. It costs 60, because he usually has some mats the result of hating the brush.

    Even though I use to give him a haircut, every couple of months I would take him back to the groomer to have them pull the hair out of his ears and take care of the rear. I could not do it. My spouse would clips his nails.

    Last time I took him to the groomer, he was in the kitty condo when we picked him up. We have three outside kitties and he thinks he is a cat.

  6. I was in a rush, and I forgot to say how cute she is!

  7. Ask friends that have dogs where they take theirs and if the dog likes the groomer. I took my Snoodle to the nicest groomer and after several tries with different ones she fell in love with him. I use a dremel tool on low to do all my dogs nails now on low. hope you find a better groomer for your beautiful love.

    1. Oh a dremel tool - I like that idea - simply file her nails down - right?!
      I have asked friends but their dogs don't have any trouble getting groomed or the owners don't seem concerned with their pets um...discomfort.

    2. My Maltese, Trixie, didn't like the groomer either. She would shake and hold onto me and it gave me a lot of anxiety to leave her. I asked everyone and finally found a good one. She gets on the floor with her and rubs her belly and I have no issues anymore. I have been taking her there for 3 years now. I would recommend to keep trying to find a good groomer. I do have the scissors and occasionally need to trim around her eyes with them and I give her the in between baths. To reduce matting, a shorter haircut really helps a lot. Also, it's important to get her really dry with the blow dryer. And to make the process easy, lots of treats help!

  8. I have a Morkie who is almost 6 yrs and I have always groomed her and nothing bad has happened to her and she still doesn't like it-esp when it comes to the legs and trimming her nails. I would not use the electric clippers or dremel tool for the nails because the noise would scare her. She hides her legs tightly under her body but I hold her on my lap and try to get to one leg at a time. For cutting I use hair scissors to trim her. She will usually stand up for short times and let me cut her hair, but not for brushing. I sympathize with you as I have a bit of a time with it as well but still feel it is not as traumatic as the groomer- or as expensive! Good luck.

    1. Because we adopted Priscilla and she has trouble with grooming I always assumed something had happen before she joined us - but maybe not. I watched a video on dog grooming with Cesar from the Dog Whisper and he was saying that it isn't normal for a dog to be groomed - humans groom dogs for the benefit of the humans. That made a lot of sense to me. Of course there isn't an option to not groom, but that a dog doesn't it find it normal and therefore is uncomfortable and we need to make them comfortable made a lot of sense to me. Oh I didn't think of the noise of the dremel tool - good point.

  9. We have a little guy that adopted us about 4 years ago now. When he found us, he was terrified. Of everything. Taking him to the groomer was at first so horrible for him, not to mention just getting into the car. So after the first nightmarish time, what we did was go to the vet and get a very mild sedative for him. It didn't knock him out, but it was much easier on him and the groomer. He no longer has to have the sedative and does just fine. But it took time and patience and of course a wonderful groomer.
    My suggestion would be if you are going to do your precious little assistant at home still try a touch of the sedative. Ask your vet what he/she would suggest. And maybe try to do the brushing every other day or possibly keep the brush by your chair and when she is warming your lap just lightly brush her back and barely touch her legs. Going little by slow and she could possibly get over her fears. Good luck!!

    1. Thanks LeAnn. At first I was opposed to a sedative because I was thinking I would always have to give it to her, but I don't feel that way now. I am thinking if it helps her to learn that grooming isn't a bad thing then after awhile I could remove the sedative - at least that is what I am thinking. Some days I think she is getting better and other days not so much - we keep trying. I have gotten a baby's brush and I brush her feet with that - sometimes she hides her feet and I pull them back out and lighting brush them with the baby brush. The thing is her hair has to be brushed so I still have to use her brush to do that - but it is taking less time each time. I try to be very patient and not rush anything.

  10. I have always been owned by dachshunds so I am not to helpful...they are very easy to groom...but we do have their nails and their glands expressed regularly by a groomer. I am posing the question on Junkin Joe today...see if anyone has any input : ) hugs to Miss Priscilla!!!

    1. Haha! Always been owned! I feel the same way - she adopted us! Thanks so much for including my dilemma with everyone on Junkin Joe as I can use all the advice I can get.


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