Sunday, January 12, 2014

Mad Men Mid Century Modern Bar Table - My Market Find Of The Week 2/2014

The other day I showed you my decorated bar cart,

which you can see by going here.

In the process of looking at some other bar carts I found this little gem.

It is not exactly a bar cart but rather a table top bar.

This has Mad Men written all over it.

It even has wheels! Although I don’t know that they turn.

It is so cute it makes me smile and a bit giddy.

Check out those rolled arms on each side.


It includes the original glassware with gold trim.


The sides slide out right and left to give you more room for mixing a drink.

This bar would look great anywhere, but if your decor is mid century modern then it would be perfection.


It is chartreuse in color with gold all over the place.

It has a pull-out drawer for holding your stirrers, wine openers and whatnots.

Look at the handles on the sides.


This is for sale on etsy and and it can be yours by going right here.

The shop is LaFemmeModerne and there are some other incredible items for sale. 

There is much more information and details about this item on the etsy website.  

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  1. I love this. I wish I knew what my next home would look like or if I will have room.

  2. That's one of the smartest looking things I have seen. Thanks for the share. I'm on my way over to the Etsy store to check out the goodies. Thank you!


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