Saturday, January 4, 2014

French Table and Chairs with Gold Gilding - Pin Of The Week #1/2014

Each Saturday of 2014 I will share with you my favorite Pinterest pin of the week. So without further ado…. 

I’ve got a  little table loving going on here. 

I absolutely love the worn chipped white paint and the lovely gold gilding highlights.

I found a discarded tray the other day and I am going to try to paint it to resemble this table.

If I accomplish my chippie white gold gilded tray I will show it to you when it is completed.

I love all things French and this chair is making me swoon along with what appears to be a settee or a matching chair. 

And of course the flowers and the cake are pretty scrumptious looking.
The extra large pinecones are adorable also. 

On Pinterest you can find this pin here. It was originally posted by WeddingChicks.com

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The other day I shared with you Stationery By Minted

which has some gorgeous Save The Date cards and Wedding Invitations. 

I hope you are having an amazing Saturday.


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