Friday, January 3, 2014

What Does Your Front Door Say About You And Your Style

I have had a bit of a fixation with doors for a long time now. A door can be so full of personality and tell us a great deal about the style of the house and the people who live there.

I think these people are fun and whimsical and I don’t think the interior will be beige.
I might be in New Orleans.
I feel like the owners of this home are risk takers.
This is the front door where Sex In The City with Carrie Bradshaw was filmed.
A Tudor House evokes so much warmth.
A front door at the fence. I want to see the gardens beyond this fence.
Feeling glamorous.
Feeling Grand
Although I think this is a gorgeous door I feel like it says stay away.
Sort of feels like an old friend lives here.
I want to see ALL the interior details.
Well this door has more than one purpose.
What does your front door say about you and your style?


  1. Patty, my front door is awful right now...and I wrote a post last year about how important the front door is to curb appeal! Bad blogger! I love all of your photos...I used to have a dutch door, but it rotted and was so expensive to replace that we didn't. I miss it a lot, especially in the summer. You have reminded me that I really have to do something about my front door when the snow thaws! Thanks!

    1. Kim:
      I love the appearance of a Dutch Door and have wondered if people really do use them separately as they were designed. I could walk the sidewalks of Uptown and look at the houses and doors all day long.
      Patty at Home and Lifestyle Design

  2. What beautiful front doors! Mine is stained wood with a leaded glass window, but I think the stain is too dark for our house and my tastes. "Someday" I will re-paint it - probably red! :-)

  3. Totally nothing! LOL! I inherited the front doors I have now and totally not my style, still looking for the right one with the right price then I can say that my front door can tell something about me. ;-)

  4. My front doors says, " I look just like all the rest." In our neighborhood all the doors are similar and they are all stained. I am going to find out if I can paint mine.

    1. In my neighborhood in Alabama a neighbor of mine had a red painted front door. It was beautiful and I always thought I need to paint my door red. It never happened. I wish I had painted my door red. Funny the things. we wished we had done

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