Saturday, February 22, 2014

Natural light – Pin of the Week # 8 / 2014

One of the things I miss most about my past house

is the natural light within the rooms.

I also am craving springtime.

I don’t think I would ever leave this room.

Oh wait, yes I would, because that pool would be calling my name.

natrual light with loads of windows

I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend.

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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Positive Thoughts and Sayings

Are you a fan of positive sayings?

Believe in the Beauty - Home and Lifestyle Design

Unless you have someone very special in your life then

it is rare someone is going to say the things to you

that you need to hear.

I like to hang quotes where I can read them each day.

You is kind - Home and Lifestyle Design

And it’s okay to dream about what you want in life.

But it is also important to follow through

and make those dreams a reality.

Always Remember - Home and Lifestyle Design

Sometimes I think the hard part is having a dream in the first place.

I mean if there is something you really want to do

well why not just do it,

or at least work towards achieving it.

Sometimes we get knocked down,

or maybe we just fell down

but we are down.

And you realize it’s time to get up.

I hope you live a life - Home and Lifestyle Design

It is hard to find the strength to begin again

but begin again we must.

What choice is there?

Do you have a favorite quote?

Do quotes help you to believe in yourself and stay positive?

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

It’s A Pool Kind of Day

It is a beautiful day here in Dallas Texas today.

pool 002

 But that water is a little cool just yet.

pool 007
This little guy thinks the water is just fine.

pool 010

Soon enough summer will be here.

pool 011

But until then I can just sit on the sidelines and enjoy the view.

pool 015

I hope the weather is being kind to you today,

wherever you might be. 

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Monday, February 17, 2014

Christi Proctor of Moon Rein – Interior Design Stories

Interior Design Stories is a segment on my blog
where interior designers give us a glimpse into their lives and their work.
I ask the same five questions of each designer and share some of their work with you.
Christi Proctor of Moon Rein is joining us today.    
You might remember Christi from Trading Spaces. 

1. Were you always interested in interior design?


ALWAYS!!!!!  as a child in elementary school, my mom would always tell people that if I disappeared in my room all day on a Saturday, she knew to leave me be....that I was completely rearranging my room and redesigning something!  I learned so many of my trash to treasure mechanics from her!  My dad was a small town Southern Baptist minister--we never had much money to do anything --and we always lived in the Parsonages (we didn't own our home), so we had to be careful with anything we changed.  My mom was amazing at making a splash with paint or with close out printed sheets, etc....anything for a bargain that we could decorate with!  I learned from the best!!  Every time I shop in a vintage shop or junk store my Mom's baby girl goes nuts with ideas of using things for their unintended purposes!

2. Tell me about you and your work.


I am a professional Interior Designer and I run our Interiors company in Waco, but A little more than 4 years ago I started a wholesale very upscale bedding line--Moon Rein--- MY BABY!!!

About 2007, I had a fun stint designing a lamp line for Guildmaster.  Well....that was the hook that caught me!  I LOVED PRODUCT DESIGN!!  When that gig ended, I wanted to keep working in manufacturing and product design...but I did NOT want to work with China or have anything that I had to manufacture overseas.  It is SO hard to control your product and keep your designs true to you if you have oceans and language between you! I am also a big proponent of "made in the USA"….so there you have it.  My love for fabrics and using fun things for their "non intended" purpose became Moon Rein and my wonderful "factory family" was created right here in Waco Texas!

Moon Rein is one of the rare custom lines available today but I do have styles that we have standard in the line.  With all the overseas knock off artists out there, I have to stay two steps ahead all the time.  My crazy brain is always cooking something I want to add to the line...I am a firm believer that if you sit still too long, you grow moss and your customer gets bored-AND your competition gets past you!  Because of I that I try to stay fresh and constantly create new.  This year I added beds ...my favorite is the TIN HORN metal bed~ it’s a sexy mix of industrial and feminine french curves.

3. What drives you, motivates you, excites you and keeps you in this business?


Holy Cow Batman!  Creating and producing the things my crazy brain dreams about AND having customers that LOVE those creations is my drug!!  Its SO unbelievably rewarding and affirming!  My Moon Rein Junkies keep me going!  I LOVE WHAT I DO!!!!!!!

4. What is the one piece of advice you would offer to anyone about decorating or furnishing their own home?


Go with your heart!!  Don't decorate jus cuz its in style!  Do what you like!!!  Your best designs will express you!

5. If you could no longer be an interior designer, then what would you be doing?


WHA??? BITE YOUR TOUNGUE !--You'd have to get me to a nunnery.....;) seriously, if I HAD too.....I don't know!....My mom always said if she wasn't a preacher's wife she'd a been a go-go dancer...could that count??

Now head on over to Christi Proctors Moon Rein website and check out even more incredible creations.

Also be sure to go and like her facebook page.

I don’t know about you but I want to curl up in one of these beds in midst of these

gorgeous pillows and throws and just be left alone for a very….long time. 

I had the opportunity to meet Christi during the Sneak Peek at the Dallas Market Center

of which I ended up doing three separate posts about.

She was delightful and entertaining.

She gave away a pillow that day

and I wanted to win that something awful – but no – it wasn’t to be.

If you would like to see the posts about the Sneak Peek then go to the following links.

If you are an interior designer and would like to be featured on my blog please contact me at prumaker@gmail.com.

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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Beach Time – Pin of the Week #7 / 2014

It’s time to at least pretend that we can feel the warmth of some sun on our faces.

This winter has been brutal and I am tired of it.

So I thought we could all pretend just for a little bit.

I sure would like to sit in these chairs,

hear the waves

and smell the salt water.

Beach House. One of my favorites Beach Houses ever! Simple, elegant and inviting! #BEACH #HOUSE

After a day spent on the beach I could wash that sand off

in this gorgeous bathtub and

when I am done I could just walk right back outside.

Love the white matchstick blinds - always see them in natural/brown.  This is a good idea to keep it simple

There is nothing better than a salt scrub.

A real one.

My skin is so dry it is pitiful.

I've got my toes in the sand...

I could go back to Amelia Island.

The picture above is from my trip with my sisters to Amelia Island.

I sure would like to go there again.

It was quiet and peaceful and warm…..

I am just going to go for a little walk.

I’ll be back in a bit.

Gulf Shores Alabama | Gulf Shores AL vacation planning

Now come on in the water is fine.

You know you want to.

Where ocean breezes storm the soul Where love of strife grows quickly old Where the touch of God is beheld in power Where the spirit finds rest in its darkest hour

Are you feeling any warmer – just a bit?

I hope you are having an amazing day.

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Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day!

I appreciate each and everyone of you

and I just wanted to wish you all a very

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Valentine Cherub

Happy Valentine
Valentines cherub

Red Valentine Cherub
Happy Valentine Cherub

I hope you are having a great day

and remember to let those special people

in your life know that you love them very much.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Valentine’s Day Serving Tray

So remember yesterday when I shared with you my finished

Well I decided to decorate it for Valentines Day.

pink roses

It was fun to put together.

I was also playing with the camera and different light sources.

serving tray

Do you ever read someone else’s blog and want to go back to it

but can’t remember on what blog the post was on.

Well that happened to me the other day.

She was talking about photography.

valentines tray

And she was giving some great basic tips.

Like – learn all the functions of your camera.

I realized I hadn’t even come close to learning all the functions

and I still haven’t – but I learned one or two things.

candies for valentines

I am working on not using a flash

and working with the natural light.

Goodness it is hard to resist turning on the lights.

Sometimes I fail at that.

Valentines day tray

I am also working diligently on using my tripod.

But sometimes it is hard to get the shot that I want

and so I take it off the tripod – but then it is a bit fuzzy.

How do you get a steady shot without the tripod?

Do you use a remote to snap your pictures – do you think it makes that big of a difference?

Happy Valentine's Day

Will you and yours be doing something special for Valentine’s Day?

Whatever you do be good to yourself too. 

A mani-pedi sounds like a very good idea.

Valentines Day

Happy Valentine’s Day!!

I hope you have a great one.

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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

DIY Serving Tray Transformation

I found a discarded tray.

There wasn’t anything wrong with it.

It just wasn’t my style.

So I decided to change it up a bit.

  I am sort of loving my little French Serving Tray.
DIY Serving Tray
Here is the tray that I found.

See it’s cute – just not my style.

It took me weeks to convince myself it was okay to change it.

To make it useful – for me.
original tray
The bottom of the tray had four little ball feet

and a lovely scalloped edge detail that goes all the way around.
scalloped edge on trya
I love French script and so I went to the

 Graphics Fairy where I found this.

The French Ribbon Frame Printable Transfer.

I know it is backwards – I will explain.
But first I needed to prepare my serving tray.

I wiped it all down with Windex and let it dry completely.

I used Glidden Flat Paint

The first can of paint is called a DUO - it is a paint and a primer in one,

and I wanted the primer just incase the previous paint

color might want to bleed through.

I used the color Pebble Gray.

This is what it looked like after the primer was applied.
primer applied

Then I applied the Glidden Crisp Linen White paint.

white painted tray
Now for the fun part.

So I went to The Graphics Fairy

and read all about the different ways to get

the graphic onto my tray and I decided on the

wax paper method.

I thought it was going to be a beast

to get the graphic printed onto the wax paper

but I was successful the first try.

I printed the graphic out and then enlarged it to 140%

I do have an 11 x 17 printer – something I am grateful for.

I then cut the wax paper the same size as the copy paper

and folded it around the paper and taped it down on the opposite side

and placed it in the printer.

And that’s it! I had my transfer!

I then took that piece of wax paper and removed it from the paper,

turned it upside down

onto my tray and taped it into place.

The transfer is backwards – a mirror image

because you are applying in reverse

so when you read it you will be reading it correctly.

Then I got out a credit card and a spoon and rubbed

the black ink onto my tray and off of the wax paper.

Don’t rub to hard because it can tear.

Note: you do have to use an ink jet printer, not a laser printer.

This is what it looked like when the rubbing was done

which was about 3 minutes – top!
transfer onto tray
I know it is a little fuzzy right!

So I got out a standard black Sharpie with an ultra fine point

and started going over it all.

In the end I also touched up some of the places

where you can see the black streaks beyond the transfer with the white paint.

I tried to use an eraser but it did nothing.

This is the final product.
DIY Serving Tray
And here is a close up of the transfer itself.

It is a bit tedious going over everything with the Sharpie

but I like tedious details – I know – I am weird like that.
close up DIY tray
So the tools you need for this project are as follows

Something you want to apply a tansfer to.

Windex and paper towel

Wax paper

Pair of scissors.

Spoon or a credit card.

Scotch tape.

Primer paint

Paint, Paint Brush, Paint Stirrer, Can Opener

An ink jet printer.

A transfer in reverse.

Black Sharpie with an ultra fine print.

I do still need to apply a sealer over it all

I just haven’t gotten to that just yet.

I really like how this turned out and

I am already looking for my next victim.

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Monday, February 10, 2014

Barbara Gilbert Interiors – Interior Design Stories

Interior Design Stories is a segment on my blog
where interior designers give us a glimpse into their lives and their work.
I ask the same five questions of each designer and share some of their work with you.
Barbara Gilbert of Barbara Gilbert Interiors is joining us today.    

1. Were you always interested in interior design?

Interior Design has always been a passion for me. As a child I was always rearranging my room and thinking of ways I could make our house look better. The first time I received confirmation for having a talent for design was when I was a teenager and my aunt and uncle purchased a collage of artwork and asked me to help them arrange it because they said I was good at that type of thing! Interior Design is actually a second career for me, for 22 years I owned and operated an insurance agency, I know how totally different is that?? During the time I had my agency I had many hobbies that satisfied my need to be creative. I would paint china, make porcelain dolls from scratch, do ceramics and knit. I loved working with color and creating different color palettes. I’m sure that’s what helped to train my eye for color.
My favorite hobby was helping friends and neighbors decorate their homes and doing my own home. I didn’t plan to get into the Interior Design business it just happened! I had just sold my insurance agency and was at a neighbors house checking the paint colors I selected for her when the painter I referred a lot of business to came in and I mentioned that I sold my agency. He said “hey, why don’t you help my clients pick out their paint colors you do it for free all the time, why not make some money at it”?
That started the wheel turning and I discussed the possibility of doing that with my friends and family and all of them were very encouraging but I lacked the courage I needed. I decided to enroll at my local community college and took Interior Design 101 and a Color class. I felt so weird, I was the oldest one in the entire Interior Design program! I think my teachers felt sorry for me thinking that I would be to old to do Interior Design work if I spent my time getting a degree and suggested that I could really just do some “decorating” without a degree and so I did! I tell you that I am the most blessed person on this earth because I started picking out paint colors for the painter and wound up with interior design jobs! Here I am 7 1/2 years later and have an award winning Interior Design firm, my worked has been published and I have two full time employees. I have been told many times that I am both right and left brained, and I think that true, sometimes I wonder if the middle part of my brain is missing, LOL!  

2. Tell me about you and your work.

I truly love every aspect of interior design. I love doing a project from concept to completion, it’s such a thrill to see my clients’ dreams come to fruition. We mostly do residential and small commercial interior design projects and can do any style our clients desire. We love doing different color palettes and thinking outside of the box! I love it when a client says “wow, I never would have thought of using those colors.” I find that most people want to be moved slightly out of their comfort zone and are willing to try new things, however, it only happens when they trust us.  
We usually have about 10-12 projects going at one time and we love the diversity, it never gets boring. We are currently working on an High Performance Demonstration Home. My team and I are very excited about this project and have learned so much doing research on products and furniture. This house is just under 4000 Sq. ft and the heating and cooling bills will be $40-$60 per month. We are selecting all of the finishes, furnishings, window treatments, art work and accessories and are constantly looking for new items to showcase.
A recently completed project and one of my favorite’s is a remodeled bathroom. My client called me and I could hear the desperation in her voice. After 35 years of marriage she found herself getting a divorce. She wanted to wash every memory of her husband out of the master bedroom and bathroom, so we did! We created a relaxing yet glamorous master bathroom retreat and turned his closet into a shoe closet for her! This bathroom has won two first place awards, one from ASID Legacy of Design award the other from IDS Designer of the Year award for bathrooms. I love my work! Imagine having great clients, creating great spaces, getting paid to do it and winning an award, it doesn’t get better than that.  
A few details about this bathroom: 
This client loves color but she wanted a soothing yet glamorous master bathroom retreat.
We installed faux slate tile to add some color,
and placed Swarovski crystal knobs on the cabinetry,
then we recycled an antique chandelier which also has Swarovski crystals
and we painted it brushed bronze to match the other hardware,
the wallpaper we hung has a sand texture,
mosaic glass tile was used around the base of the tub and inside of the shower.
A hand blown Rondel hangs on the wall and a hand blown vase sits on the tub.
My business has been in a growth mode and I couldn’t be happier. I am always looking for new ways to be more efficient and give my clients the ultimate experience. There are a few things that make us different from other design firms. We pride ourselves on customer service and staying in budget. Our approach is very professional, before we start the project we know what our client’s like and don't like and we know exactly what the budget is. We use a project management system that our client can interact with and there are never any surprises for them. I consider myself a “furniture specialist”. Our office is a design studio and we work very efficiently because we have a great resource room. We don’t have to run all over town looking for furniture and fabrics. I have a a partnership with one of my designer friends that was created for buying purposes only. By pooling our buying power it enables me to give my client’s custom made furniture for the same price that they would pay at a local furniture chain store. They receive a great value and furniture that they won’t see at a neighbor’s home.

3. What drives you, motivates you, excites you and keeps you in this business?

I truly love the interior design business, I love seeing everything that’s new and fresh and I love the challenge of figuring out what my client’s will like and what it is they are trying to express to me that they want. The expression on their faces when their project is finished is something that stays with me. I believe that everyone should live or work in a beautiful yet functional space that speaks to them and creating those spaces for my clients is an addiction for me.

4. What is one piece of advice you would offer to anyone about decorating or furnishing their home? 

Buy furniture that will stand the test of time in quality and design. I strongly recommend hiring an Interior Designer because the money they save long term by not making mistakes is huge. People don’t realize how important or even know what the principles of design are and how they impact a room. If they want to do it themselves I would recommend using neutral fabrics on the large upholstered pieces of furniture and add pops of color with pillows and accessories. By using this decorating technique it makes it inexpensive to update the room 5-10 years later.

5. If you could no longer be an interior designer, then what would you be doing? 

I can’t imagine myself not being an interior designer, ever!
There is an interesting story about the last two photos you see above.
The first one is the “Trophy Room,”
and the second on is the “Dream Kitchen.”
The husband is an avid hunter and he and his wife went on an African Safari where he um.. got some animals.
One of them a Zebra that was made into a rug.  
The chandelier in that room was made from Gem Stock Elk and the shades are actually ostrich eggs.  
The trophy room was built to house his “trophies” and the wife said if you get to build the trophy room,
I get to remodel the kitchen, and that’s the dream kitchen!
I think I like this couple, especially the wife!
Barbara can be found at her website: Barbara Gilbert Interiors
and from there you can find her everywhere
including on Houzz.

If you are an interior designer and would like to be featured on my blog please contact me at prumaker@gmail.com.

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