Saturday, February 15, 2014

Beach Time – Pin of the Week #7 / 2014

It’s time to at least pretend that we can feel the warmth of some sun on our faces.

This winter has been brutal and I am tired of it.

So I thought we could all pretend just for a little bit.

I sure would like to sit in these chairs,

hear the waves

and smell the salt water.

Beach House. One of my favorites Beach Houses ever! Simple, elegant and inviting! #BEACH #HOUSE

After a day spent on the beach I could wash that sand off

in this gorgeous bathtub and

when I am done I could just walk right back outside.

Love the white matchstick blinds - always see them in natural/brown.  This is a good idea to keep it simple

There is nothing better than a salt scrub.

A real one.

My skin is so dry it is pitiful.

I've got my toes in the sand...

I could go back to Amelia Island.

The picture above is from my trip with my sisters to Amelia Island.

I sure would like to go there again.

It was quiet and peaceful and warm…..

I am just going to go for a little walk.

I’ll be back in a bit.

Gulf Shores Alabama | Gulf Shores AL vacation planning

Now come on in the water is fine.

You know you want to.

Where ocean breezes storm the soul Where love of strife grows quickly old Where the touch of God is beheld in power Where the spirit finds rest in its darkest hour

Are you feeling any warmer – just a bit?

I hope you are having an amazing day.

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  1. Yes I yearn for days like that too. When March gets here I will feel like Spring is near.

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  2. Oh such a treat to visit the ocean this morning! A few years ago two of my daughters and myself spent a few days at Bald Head Island in North Carolina-a true treat and vacation!

  3. Gorgeous! quick question Patty, did you noticed you published about 7 posts today??

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