Wednesday, February 12, 2014

DIY Serving Tray Transformation

I found a discarded tray.

There wasn’t anything wrong with it.

It just wasn’t my style.

So I decided to change it up a bit.

  I am sort of loving my little French Serving Tray.
DIY Serving Tray
Here is the tray that I found.

See it’s cute – just not my style.

It took me weeks to convince myself it was okay to change it.

To make it useful – for me.
original tray
The bottom of the tray had four little ball feet

and a lovely scalloped edge detail that goes all the way around.
scalloped edge on trya
I love French script and so I went to the

 Graphics Fairy where I found this.

The French Ribbon Frame Printable Transfer.

I know it is backwards – I will explain.
But first I needed to prepare my serving tray.

I wiped it all down with Windex and let it dry completely.

I used Glidden Flat Paint

The first can of paint is called a DUO - it is a paint and a primer in one,

and I wanted the primer just incase the previous paint

color might want to bleed through.

I used the color Pebble Gray.

This is what it looked like after the primer was applied.
primer applied

Then I applied the Glidden Crisp Linen White paint.

white painted tray
Now for the fun part.

So I went to The Graphics Fairy

and read all about the different ways to get

the graphic onto my tray and I decided on the

wax paper method.

I thought it was going to be a beast

to get the graphic printed onto the wax paper

but I was successful the first try.

I printed the graphic out and then enlarged it to 140%

I do have an 11 x 17 printer – something I am grateful for.

I then cut the wax paper the same size as the copy paper

and folded it around the paper and taped it down on the opposite side

and placed it in the printer.

And that’s it! I had my transfer!

I then took that piece of wax paper and removed it from the paper,

turned it upside down

onto my tray and taped it into place.

The transfer is backwards – a mirror image

because you are applying in reverse

so when you read it you will be reading it correctly.

Then I got out a credit card and a spoon and rubbed

the black ink onto my tray and off of the wax paper.

Don’t rub to hard because it can tear.

Note: you do have to use an ink jet printer, not a laser printer.

This is what it looked like when the rubbing was done

which was about 3 minutes – top!
transfer onto tray
I know it is a little fuzzy right!

So I got out a standard black Sharpie with an ultra fine point

and started going over it all.

In the end I also touched up some of the places

where you can see the black streaks beyond the transfer with the white paint.

I tried to use an eraser but it did nothing.

This is the final product.
DIY Serving Tray
And here is a close up of the transfer itself.

It is a bit tedious going over everything with the Sharpie

but I like tedious details – I know – I am weird like that.
close up DIY tray
So the tools you need for this project are as follows

Something you want to apply a tansfer to.

Windex and paper towel

Wax paper

Pair of scissors.

Spoon or a credit card.

Scotch tape.

Primer paint

Paint, Paint Brush, Paint Stirrer, Can Opener

An ink jet printer.

A transfer in reverse.

Black Sharpie with an ultra fine print.

I do still need to apply a sealer over it all

I just haven’t gotten to that just yet.

I really like how this turned out and

I am already looking for my next victim.

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  1. Nicely done-I have a serving tray sitting in my craft room that needs a makeover-thank you for this tip-

  2. Great job! I did this same image on a top of an old potato bin. I used the Modge Podge method and I lost some of the design. I'll have to try the wax paper. Thanks for sharing the instructions!

  3. Well done! I haven't tried this method yet, but you made it sound simple enough! Enjoy your cute tray!

  4. That looks great! I was trying to figure this out last weekend, and finally just did decoupage. I tried printing on fabric once and my printer was not cooperative! Thanks for sharing, I might give it a go!

  5. What you did with your tray is a major improvement! Just lovely! I'm always on the hunt for serving trays these days. I have one now that I need to finish.

  6. I love this type of makeover! Thank you so much for sharing at Redouxinteriors! Sharing at my party tomorrow afternoon. -K

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