Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Chairs, Chairs, Chairs!!

Why fall in love with a chair?

Why not a sofa?

A chair seems so personal.

A place just for me.

Loving the golden nail-heads

and the ever so soft tufting.
green nail-head chair

Careful sitting down.

deer chair

Go ahead – make a statement.

Wouldn’t this be gorgeous in a modern space!
artist chair

Details, details.

When you think of a wicker chair is this what you image?
wicker chair detail

This patchwork chair makes me instantly want to be at the beach.
seaside chair

I adore the chairs with back details.

It is such an unexpected surprise.
Plant Life Chair

I keep telling myself I am not a mid-century girl,

but then I spotted these!

Do you ever get a sense that your design aesthetic is changing?
mid-centurty chair

But then I see this angel of a French Chair

and I know it is all I need.

Well not all, but close.
french chair

Do you love chairs as much as I do?

Do you have a personal favorite?

Feel free to share a picture in the comments of your favorite chair.

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  1. Patty,
    I too love chairs and the fabric which goes on them! What a sweet photo of the fawn too-
    I am with you, I adore the French chair!

  2. I am a little bit of a chair hound!! I like interesting chairs to throw in unexpected corners as magazine holders etc!

  3. I've never thought of this--- "A chair seems so personal... A place just for me." I love it!
    I recently fell in love with some chairs myself, and I bet you'd like them, too! I just am trying to settle on a table style to compliment them. :)

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