Monday, March 3, 2014

Feedburner Stopped Working

So I am blogging and posting and sharing.

You know all the things we bloggers love to do,

and then out of the blue I receive an email from another blogger who says,

“Hey! My blogroll says your blog hasn’t written a post in 3 weeks,

and you might have a problem with feedburner.”


Where does it say that?

I have posted 15 times in the last three weeks!
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So I start looking around.

I go to her blog and there I am on the sidebar of the list of blogs she follows

and I am all the way at the bottom of her list

and it says my last post was three weeks ago.

But that’s not right.

As a matter a fact I published a post today.

I look some more.

I go to Bloglovin and the last post they are showing for me is three weeks old.

All of the 15+ posts I have published are nowhere to be found.

I go to Networked blogs – nothing since three weeks ago.

Linky – the same!

They all say I stopped blogging three weeks ago.


What The Hell?
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What is this feedburner thing?

Oh, I remember that – when I first start blogging I set that up.

What happened?

Now I start thinking and I was rearranging my buttons on the sidebar a few weeks back

and was trying to use a different RSS feed button and I couldn’t get it to work

and so I just went back and kept the one I had from feedburner.

Well I think I must have messed something up when I did that.

It is the only thing I can think of .

The other blogger that was kind enough to inform me about my problem

was also kind enough to hook me up with the person who fixed her feedburner problem also.

But they couldn’t get to me for a week.

It seemed I would have to wait.

She tried this,

she tried that,

she emailed me

with the question,

“Is that working?”

No it is not working.

We were obviously both getting frustrated.

Two weeks have passed and it still isn’t working.

It is now five weeks plus since my last published post is showing anywhere.

I felt like those three weeks of posting in the dark were for nothing,

and then two more weeks of posting but feeling like I was shoving

my posts under the sofa so no one could see them.

modern artwork - Home and Lifestyle Design

I was doing my own investigation and found that on my blogger

one thing was suppose to be different than what it was.

It was in the settings, under other,

post feed redirect URL.

It didn’t have feedburner in there at all,

but instead had my blog address.

I had never changed this.

I didn’t want to interfere with anything the lady I had hired to fix my blog was doing,

so I contacted her and told her what I had found.

She said, no that couldn’t be it,

that she had checked that right at the beginning,

but she would look at it.

It was wrong.

She changed that and put the feedburner address in there and….

my blog starting breathing again.
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My blog posted when she received a post.

My blog feed it to feedburner and feedburner feed it to

all the places they feed it to.

My blog was back up and breathing.

But in the process I feel like I got knocked down

and kicked around.

It knocked the wind out of me.

It frustrated me.

It aggravated me.

But hey I am back up and running. 
walking trail

Now write.

But I have been having trouble writing again…

and wondering why.

It is as if someone took my writings and hid them.

I felt like a runner feels when her breathing is perfect and

she is running, heart pumping, totally in synch with the run

and then she stumbles on a rock

and barely catches herself and then has to stop

and she goes to the doctor and he says..

no running.
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What do you mean?

After several weeks of recovery she tries running

but it just isn’t feeling right

she can’t find her stride just yet.

She decides she will try again tomorrow.

I go to twitter and start tweeting.

And low and behold the next morning I get up and I have a tweet sent to me,

that says,

“blogroll is back up and running, I need you back on the blog.”


Someone is encouraging me?

It brought tears to my eyes.

Isn’t incredible what a helping hand can do for the spirit.
helping each other - Home and Lifestyle Design

I thanked her and told her it was just the encouragement I needed.

Then I realized she was telling me that her blog was back up

and running and she needed me back reading her blog.

She never let me know I had misinterpreted

her tweet and that’s okay.
a smile - Home and Lifestyle Design

We all get knocked down in life.

What is important is that we get back up again..

even if it takes us awhile.

Thank you Kim from Savvy Southern Style for letting me know I had a feedburner problem!

You didn’t have to take the time to let me know,

but you did

and that means everything.

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  1. Awesome blog! Heartiest congratulations.

  2. Technology is so frustrating Patty, isn't it? I am glad that you are all connected again! :) Cute kitten!

  3. I am so glad you got it fixed. I know how frustrating it is since it happened to me. Glad to help!

  4. This happened to me. I felt like one day I was running around a busy city street and the next day I was all alone in a faraway field. It took me several days and countless hours to find a reputable blogger who told me exactly how to fix the problem. Glad you are back and running!

  5. Patty,
    I have been looking for you, so glad you are back-you were missed!

  6. Oh, that's where you were! All this snow and ice led me to believe that some bloggers might have trouble. When we get a little ice on the lines or sleet on the roads down here in the Deep South, life stands still. Your blog was frozen in Cyberspace (or something like that?) Happy that you are back. Linda@Wetcreek Blog

  7. Glad everything sorted out ok for you in the end Patty!

  8. How frustrating and confusing, but you figured it out!

  9. That is truly frustrating.. thank goodness I follow you on twitter too so I now you have been around!

  10. I'm glad it is all fixed now! Those kind of troubles are so frustrating, it's the part of blogging that I do not like :/ but anyways we have to deal with it. I love the blogging community, so helpful!

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