Friday, March 21, 2014

Will Book Covers Go Away Due To ebooks

I love books.

All kinds of books.

Novels, biographies, interior design books, positive thinking – self-help books.

Book Covers - Young House Love and Design Sponge at Home

How many times while reading a particular book, as you pick it up and put it down again, do you look at the cover?

Well you glance at it every time you pick it up

and perhaps you peruse it a couple of times,

and once or twice you probably really look at the cover

and read the description of the book and about the author.

Book Cover - Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn

However, when you buy an ebook, how many times do you see the cover?

I just finished reading an ebook and went to record it into my Goodreads account

and realized I didn’t know the name of the book or the author.

If you would like to follow me on Goodreads then go right here.

Book Cover - Girl Missing

I saw the cover twice.

Before I bought it and when I opened the book to start reading.

The book was okay.

Will I remember the name of the book in a month from now?


Will I remember the author a month from now?


Book Cover - Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafon

If the book was great would I remember the name of it then?

I do think the chance of that would be much higher.

But that book would have to really be memorable.

Book Cover - Quiet by Susan Cain

And I miss placing the book on my bookshelf and

occasionally looking up and remembering that book.

I fully understand the qualities of ebooks,

but I always miss not having the actual book in my hands.

Book Cover - My Lobotomy by Howard Dully

Do you miss seeing the book cover?

I think of all the work that goes into creating a book cover 

and yet when reading an ebook I barely get to see it.

Will the art of creating book covers go away?


  1. I hope not Patty. Like you I LOVE BOOKS, for their real value and beauty overall. I love touching pages and the cover and even the smell of the old ones. E-books, so far has never given me any of that satisfaction, just convenience. I often just read, what I call "so-so" books in my tablet, last one I read there was "hunger game series". For the ones I knew would be good I go for the hard copy, last good one I read "never let me go". :-)

    Btw, I don't know the difference between olioboard and polyvore, I guess their the same and I think I have an olioboard account. I'll try diddle-daddling with it too and let you know!

  2. I just came from the fabric store, Patty and I spent more time looking at the books, than I did at fabric. The covers were so lovely, all those gorgeous home, rooms, design ideas. I love the ease of reading an ebook, but I crave real books. I hope they stick and their lovely covers, as well!

  3. No say it isnt so!! all my girls use there ipad or kindle to read I love books , I have so many I dont know what to do with them but I love them strewn through the house because I love the jackets! Have a great weekend!

  4. I love real books and their book covers...I don't have an e-reader, nor do I want one!

  5. I can't imagine "real" books ever going away. I don't have an e-reader, nor do I want one. When I read (which is every day), I have to have a "real" book in my hands.

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